Zulia: Corpoelec serves indigenous communities in Machiques de Perijá


More than 2,250 Yukpa families from the Yaza Basin, from the Machiques de Perijá municipality in Zulia state, received LED technology luminaires and bulbs, which were delivered by the social and technical team of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec).

Assembly in Machiques de Perijá

An assembly was held in the Río Yaza community, with the participation of chiefs and residents of this indigenous sector, who expressed their needs related to the electrical service, agreeing on proposals to execute a care plan to solve the problems raised.

They serve indigenous communities in Machiques

The visit was attended by María Vanesa Prieto, Vice Minister of People’s Power for Indigenous Peoples, representatives of State institutions, to articulate the actions that emerged from the social cabinet, carried out in this area of ​​the Sierra de Perijá.

Vice Minister Prieto highlighted that during the activity, 10 100W luminaires, 190 18W LED bulbs, 100 meters of cable and strapping were delivered, which will be installed in community spaces where the Yukpa people of the Yaza Basin live.

“Also included during the day: health services, delivery of medicines, legal guidance and social care,” he added.

They will set up working groups

The state distribution manager, Andrés Novoa, affirmed that a work group will be formed to serve these communities.

“Corpoelec once again says that it is present in the Yaza Basin, here is the community service team, to listen to all the demands that the Basin has,” he specified.

In her speech, Amalia Pérez, chief of the Yaza Basin, expressed her gratitude to the national government for the delivery of these lights and light bulbs, adding that “in communal assemblies together with leaders of the Yukpa people, proposals are prepared to be executed within the Good Government system 1×10”.

He said that the Corpoelec workforce installed a 25kVA transformer at the Toromo Agricultural Technical School, of the Yukpa ethnic group, located in the Toromo Basin, in the Machiques de Perijá municipality.

Improve public lighting on the border with Colombia

To provide greater security and visibility to those who transit the Paraguachón road, in the Guajira Municipality, Corpoelec installed 42 LED-type technology luminaires and 180 meters of cable.

This was reported by G/J Néstor Reverol, sector vice president of Public Works and Services and Minister of Popular Power for Electric Energy on his Instagram account.

It stands out in the message that this endowment is part of the agreements and policies that strengthen international relations, also contributes to road safety, carriers and businesses that operate there.

He specified that the luminaires are white light, which because they are of new technology, provide greater visibility in this border commercial area, between Venezuela and Colombia.

Comprehensive attention to the Faculty of Sciences of LUZ

Another day carried out by the Corpoelec workforce was technical assistance at the Science Center of the University of Zulia (LUZ).

There, the team from the Distribution Management of the Electric State Company carried out installation work on a transformer, in addition to extending sections of lines and placing poles in order to guarantee the electrical service to this higher education house.

For their part, the sentinels of the Vegetation Programming and Control Management applied the Chopping, Pruning and Logging Plan, to guarantee clean spaces that contribute to optimizing the electrical service, for the benefit of the university community.


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