The national director of the Cicpc, Commissioner Douglas Rico, reported that he will make changes in various positions in the institution, including in the state of Zulia after the terrorist attacks on businesses in Maracaibo.

The announcement was made by the director of the Cicpc during his participation in the radio program “Despierta Maracaibo”, moderated by Willy Casanova, leader of Psuv-Zulia. There he specified “that specifically in Zulia there will be a refreshment of the authorities, officials and bosses.”

During his speech, Rico stressed that there is a plan to sow terror in Maracaibo, for this reason the Criminal and Criminal Scientific Investigation Corps (Cicpc), deepens the investigations, beyond the arrest of those involved in the events of February 18 in the zulian capital.

He was emphatic in pointing out that the investigative work is meticulous, which has allowed the Cicpc to identify, through criminal elements, the suspects, among them the so-called “Junior”; who in a few hours will also be requested by Interpol.

Positive progress in investigations

Commissioner Rico explained that there is a positive progress in the investigations, “there are three detainees, and another died during a legal intervention that was made in Zulia, in search of those involved in the events of the Samba Supermarket.

As for the aeronautical firefighter Khaled Rangel Montiel Herrera, alias El Viejo, he regretted his participation, because “the heroes in blue” are linked to saving the lives of others, but on this occasion this official was fully identified, with elements of conviction, that make boast their performance in this fact. Also requested for this crime is Yunior Andrés Báez, alias “Tazmania”.

He indicated that Rangel fled to Colombia upon learning of the speed of the investigations; another of those involved tried to escape, but was captured before leaving the country.

This result is possible because there are good links with the neighboring country. “Support with Colombia was reestablished, which was totally null; Before, relations with the Colombian police were cooperation to combat crime”.

He pointed out that they go into great depth in this case, without limiting themselves to the arrests; because there is an apparatus on the part of the Organized Crime Structured Groups (Gedo), to extort and instill terror in Maracaibo, even blaming people from abroad, to try to divert the investigations.

“The alert is permanent, because those who do damage are here, collecting and perhaps send a part to a relative or contact outside the country.

Entrepreneurs must trust security agencies

He also took advantage of the opportunity and the space to send a message to the businessmen in Maracaibo and Zulia, so that they trust the state security agencies. “Make the complaints, so you can georeference the crime and the offender, to act more quickly.”

“The case of Tu Finca Express, which is being investigated by the Bolivarian National Guard, through the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (CONAS) is going very well,” added the commissioner.

To conclude, he said that this type of attacks, kidnappings and actions by criminal gangs in the city have been rebounding in the capital of Zulia for a year and a few months; despite the great effort of the national government to provide security to the population.


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