Many the old school may or may not have liked the remake of the video game genre bishoujo(beautiful young women), YU-NO: A girl who sings love at the edge of this worldThis is because they removed all the scenes +18, to the scenes more «ricolinas» from the remake. Now, although the developer, MAGESdid everything possible so that the remake can satisfy the fans who expected to see their favorite heroines in 4k, the final result did not finish convincing everyone.


The incredible news I have for you is that Roast Makotodirector of MAGESput the cards on the table during an interview with the Japanese gaming outlet, Dengeki and he revealed that he plans to work on an uncensored version of YU-NO: a girl who sings love at the edge of this world, unfortunately he also revealed that he will only be a development supervisor, since MAGES It is not a company dedicated to the adult public.

In the interview, he talks about the developer’s next remakes, until he touches on the subject of the development process of YU-NObetween laughs he comments the following:

Back on the subject of remakes, if I had the extra energy, I’d like to do an alternate world version of YU-NO that branches into a different world using the ADMS system. When I was working on the new version of YU-NO, I was working on the structure and route division, but I stopped because I knew I couldn’t finish it in time for the release date, so I stopped. If I had done it this way, the release date would have been extended by another three years.”


And when it seemed that it would be another year without seeing the besto waifu, Hatako Kanna in high resolution, the director continues speaking, expressing the following:

Speaking of which, the adult version of YU-NO is porting over to PC. I always thought it was a shame that there was no way to play the original version of the game I played, and hoped that the FANZA site (Japanese adult site that offers erotic content, Manga/doujinshi/video games, etc.) would offer YU-NO. in playable form. Fortunately, I have a staff member (at FANZA) who has known mine for a long time, and when I approached them about it, they said they could make it happen.

Also, as expected and as I mentioned at the beginning, MAGES It is not a company dedicated to the adult public, therefore, Roast Makoto He will participate as a development supervisor, without any relationship with MAGES.

Unfortunately, this is all we know about this long-awaited version at the moment. Attentive to Anmo Sugoi to be the first to know the arrival date of YU-NO: A girl who sings love at the edge of this worlduncensored version.

Yu No Remake Version Uncensored

YU-NO: A girl who sings love at the edge of this world is available for Playstation 4, nintendoswitch and pc through Steam. The video game has an Anime adaptation of 26 episodes produced by the studio, Genco. The series is found legally in crunchyroll.

synopsis of Kono Yo no Hate from Koi or Utau Shoujo YU-NO:

Takuya Arima is a student whose father, a famous historian, recently disappeared. During the holidays, the young man receives a package from his mother along with a letter explaining the existence of several parallel worlds. As it could not be less, Takuya does not take it seriously at first, but then he realizes that he has a device to travel to other dimensions. Does that mean that his father is alive somewhere?


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