you can have the one that belongs to your house


Are you a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff in Hogwarts Legacy? I admit that I am from the least popular house of all, which is Hufflepuff, but even so, I am proudly. But either way, I’m really enjoying the game, and I’m sure all of you are too. If this is your case, I remind you that I set up a test in which I tell you What would be the subject you would teach at Hogwarts? in case you are teachers.

But back to the topic of houses, I know that you are all proud of the house you belong to, and you will show that pride in many ways. But, why not do it with a custom controller? So you can play Hogwarts Legacy while you feel your own house, whatever it is of the four, in your hands. He will leave you these controls below, where you can buy them and how much they cost.

The perfect controls to play Hogwarts Legacy

The thing is All these controls have been available on the market for some time, but now is the perfect time to get one of them if you play Hogwarts Legacy. you can buy it in Dream Controller, a famous store known for customizing various controllers.

picture 1

The negative part is that all these controls are only for Xbox Series X and there is not, for the moment, PS5. Even so, if you play on Xbox or PC, Think about getting these because they are wonderful. Of course, its price is $119 if you want it painted on the front (more if you want it on both sides).

It is worth mentioning that if you buy them, change the location to Spain on the web, which can be done at the top right from a browser.


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