“Yo, and this is a voice from a temple boy… Real golden children” freedom of hair, freedom of sexuality, safe space for all students.


Today (February 27), THE STANDARD news team was allowed to follow and record the atmosphere of students in Wat That Thong High School, Wattana District, Bangkok, regarding the ‘freedom’ that passed through the haircut regulations. expressing their desired sexuality under high school student status

Worapong Thaochalee, Deputy Director of Wat That Thong Secondary School, said that the regulation on hair liberation started three years ago. Since the day the school promulgated this rule, it has been gradually relaxed. Students have worn various hairstyles ever since. But before the school decides on this matter, there are processes and discussions, not decisions based on social trends.

Schools need to talk to all interested parties. Both the students through the student council, teachers, parents, and the basic education committee. who have the duty to approve that this announcement of the school can be implemented

“Giving the freedom of hair to students is not difficult. Because we focus on students is important. We try to understand the minds of students. We want to find a way to make students happy while they are under our supervision,” Worapong said.

Worapong went on to say that Regarding haircuts at school, it was seen as a fundamental factor for him to know himself. Once he knows his identity, he can value it. It would be good for them to know who they are before they grow up. And the school didn’t want him to miss out on that beautiful moment. On the other hand, they might be able to earn money while studying, for example, some people trade online. Selling things using your own appearance

as the deputy director of the school’s academic and student affairs group Worapong said He is responsible for both academic performance and school discipline from giving free hair. Overall, many people’s academic performance has improved. Some of them are able to maintain themselves at a good level. This is most evident in the children’s desire to come to school. come to the morning

“Given this liberalization may be part of reducing the problem of children falling out of the education system. To this day, there are very few people who disagree with the freedom of hair style. But the main context of the school is to capture the feelings of the students,” Worapong said.

Worapong said that Back in the day when schools announced that regulations would allow hair to be liberated. They had very happy expressions on their faces. spread to children from different schools who are interested in attending school even during the semester Currently, the only condition that the school cannot give is hair color. But what hairstyle they want to keep is a requirement because “the school must be a safe place for the students”.

For the headlines this time, the news team has adapted from the lyrics. THATTHONG SOUND Composed by artist YOUNGOHM in collaboration with SONOFO. The song tells the story of high school students at Wat That Thong. which has the experience of the author of YOUNGOHM or Rathaphong Phureesit as an alumnus to combine it into a popular rap style song at the moment

listen to music THATTHONG SOUND here:


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