World Dai Star – Anime wins its first promo video


The official site responsible for Anime World Dai Star Estreou the first promo of the same, besides a new art this Sunday.

World Dai Star – Anime wins its first promo video


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© Sirius/Project WDS

Sendo as well, the video announces more members of the Anime technical team, and confirms the release of the adaptation for April 9.

The recently announced members of the team include:

  • Sub-Character Design: Yopi
  • Chief Animation Directors: Majiro , Koji Yamagata
  • Role of Dramatization, Supervision of Dramatization: Ohine Ezaki
  • Action Animation Supervision: Ryoko Amisaki
  • Art Center: Risa Iraha
  • Art Direction: Hiroko Tanabe
  • Core artist: Saki Tada
  • Composition Director of Photography: Sena Nakagawa
  • Editing: Yumika Okazaki
  • Som Direction: Satoki Iida
  • Music: Ryo Takahashi, Kenichi Kuroda, Tatsuya Yano
  • Musical Production: Lantis
  • Production: EGG FIRM

As previously announced, Manga creator Takahiro drew the story and VTuber designer Mika Pikazo drew the two character designs. Yu Kinome ( Idoly Pride ) is directing the Lerche Anime, and Yasuhiro Nakanishi ( Kaguya-sama: Love is War , A Couple of Cuckoos , Idoly Pride episodes ) is directing two series directories. Majiro ( 7/22 , Macross Delta , Kabukibu! ) drew the characters for animation.


The story takes place in the world after the Dai Star box artists exploded in worldwide popularity in the 20th century. Kokona Ōtori, 16, follows her dream of becoming a World Dai Star by testing for the Sirius theater troupe.

Source: official site

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