Workers on a chimney, turbulent first night due to a storm


PORTOSCUSO, 01 MAR – For the four workers of Portovesme srl, the first pass at a height of 100 meters on the chimney of the KSS plant of the Sulcis company specialized in the production of zinc and lead was a turbulent night. The four had to deal with the effects of a storm that hit the area, despite being equipped with sleeping bags, tents and warm clothes. It’s better this morning, it’s not raining anymore but the air remains freezing. The workers, however, are not coming down for now. It is not excluded that they could decide to stay 100 meters away pending the outcome of the meeting convened in Rome by the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso for Friday 3 March at 10 with Undersecretary Fausta Bergamotto, the Region of Sardinia, the institutions premises, the company and the social partners. The issue on the table is that of the high cost of energy which has caused the stoppage of some production lines in the plant. And from today, according to the agreement signed between the company and the unions, the redundancy fund for the 550 direct workers starts on a rolling basis. (HANDLE).


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