In Ultimate Team, performance and price don’t always go hand in hand. Some cards are very expensive but don’t make that much of a difference, while others are cheap and work quite well. We frequently recommend players that we consider bargains for FIFA 23. And since we recently talked about miranda and Ferran Torres RTTFnow we want to comment some combinations to use them in hybrids.

Interesting and affordable combination for FIFA 23

Miranda RTTF Cards, Torres RTTF, Pedri Honorable Mentions, Piqué Rulebreakers and Carvajal PTG FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
The current cost for all of them is 624,000 coins on the general market and 759,000 on PC. But now we will discuss some alternatives that we could also use.

Miranda and Ferrán Torres RTTF are the fixed ones

Stats in game Miranda RTTF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: LI and CAI. Its current price is 68,500 coins on the global market and 80,000 on PC. He has three stars in skills and a bad leg, medium / medium work rate, Tall and balanced Body Type +, is 1’85 and left-handed. We advise using it with Shadow.
Stats in game Ferran Torres RTTF FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: EI, MI and DC. Its current price is 61,000 coins on the global market and 65,000 on PC. He has four stars for skills and bad leg, high/medium work rate, Body Type Slim, is 1’84 and right-handed. We recommend using it with Hunter.

We talked about the side in our own article and we included it in the RTTF post that received an upgrade and is now even more interesting. While the striker lost all his options to improve, and therefore his price dropped a lot. Both are cards that work very well (especially the Real Betis player) and have a ridiculous cost for what they offer.

Ferran Torres will enjoy chemistry like EI, MI or DC. So depending on how you would fill out the rest of your FIFA 23 squad, you could either place him on the wing or as a striker. You will have to decide where the match will start.

Pedri Honorable Mentions or Ceballos Showdown if you did his SBC

Stats in game Pedri Honorable Mentions FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: MC and EI. Its current price is 156,000 coins on the global market and 160,000 on PC. He has five stars for skills and four for bad leg, high / high work rate, Body Type Slim, is 1’74 and right-handed. We advise using it with Shadow.
Stats in game Ceballos Showdown Plus FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: CM, CDM and CAM. He has four stars for skills and a bad leg, high/high work rate, Body Type Slim, is 1’79 and right-handed. We advise using it with Shadow.

The third piece of this combination will be a midfielder with an offensive vocation. If you made the Dani Ceballos Showdown SBC, you can use him. But if he is not in your club, there is no problem either because we can sign Pedri Honorable Mentions. A midfielder who barely complies at the back and sometimes slacks off, but who is very useful with the ball. In fact, he sets himself apart from other possibilities because of his five skill stars and four bad leg stars.

Ceballos’ positions are CDM, CM and CAM. While Pedri would only have chemistry as MC or EI. The Honorable Mentions is more limited, although it would still fit in many formations.

The last parts depend on the rest of your equipment and your budget

With five cards from Spain and LaLiga Santander, everyone will enjoy the ultimate chemistry boost. Although you could also use a coach of that competition or nationalityand then you would only need four Spanish players from LaLiga Santander to create the combination.

If you prefer to use four cards instead of five, you have different options for player number four. Miranda, Ferrán Torres and Pedri (or Ceballos) would be the three fixed. But the last one would depend on what positions you have already filled, what is your play style and how much you want to spend:

  • If you need a DFC, you could sign Piqué Rulebreakers (he costs just over 240,000 coins on the general market). He came to FIFA 23 a long time ago, but he’s still a pretty good player. His rhythm is still correct, his 92 strength is great, he more than meets the defensive stats and his 1’94 height makes the difference compared to other central defenders.
  • If you need a right back, Jesús Navas Rulebreakers would be acceptable and quite cheap (less than 20,000 coins), we recommend it for Ultimate Team users who can spend very little. But if you don’t mind paying more, both Lucas Vázquez Centurions (less than 100,000 coins) and Carvajal Path to Glory (about 100,000 on the general market) would do. The former has quite a few offensive resources, and the latter is more focused on defense (because although he only reaches 79 in strength and measures 1’73, he seems more solid due to his own Body Type).
  • If you need a midfielder, you could use a French trainer and place Fekir Honorable Mentions in that position (it does not reach 50,000 coins). Though yes, he should be paired with higher speed attackers due to his low sprint (84, up to 92 with Hunter). But despite this flaw, he’s a pretty decent CAM because his acceleration does hit perfection with chemistry, he’s accurate both when passing and assisting, and he has an interesting combination of being correct in driving and powerful in struggling.
Cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team of the players mentioned in the previous list.
Depending on what positions you need to cover and how much you want to spend, you could choose one of these players to be the fourth piece of the mix.

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