The case of Ninoska Vásquez and the defense of her innocence could be a clear example of passionate revenge. After learning that the Spanish justice system concluded last Monday that the young Venezuelan is a victim of her ex-partner, data that points to the model’s favor continues to be revealed, such as a series of voice notes that are summarized in cruelty against the former queen. of beauty.

Several audios were leaked via social networks that Michell Roxana Castellanos, a partner of businessman Javier Rodríguez Borgio, with whom Vásquez had a loving relationship years ago and from whom they now seek to protect Miss Earth Venezuela 2017, were allegedly sent.

“Hello Tomas. How are you? (…) Let’s add something else to the case. Do you know the case that took place in Bolívar where they caught Jenni Rosales, that they found several girls from Sambil (Model) and all this? They say that this girl, Ninoska, was also there with them. In fact, they also caught her prisoner in that whole group of prostitutes who were from the Sambil Model and obviously she paid a bond to get them out of it. She was one of the girls who arrived in Caracas with the entire Sambil Model group. Do you have to look for that file? “, the woman is heard saying that, according to the reports, it is Castellanos.

«Okay, Thomas, perfect. So now nothing, you receive the document and let me know what we can do, “he continues.

The case

It was last September that the process that began against Ninoska Vásquez in Mexico was learned, where she was required by the authorities for the alleged crime of human trafficking.

According to the reports, two women denounced her for aggravated sexual exploitation. “This woman had a red card for the possible participation in the exploitation of young women, who were hooked with the offer of work as hostesses (flight attendants) and with threats they were forced to have sexual relations,” said an official from the Attorney General’s Office of Justice of Mexico.

The Spanish authorities were asked to extradite Yobriel Ninoska Vásquez Álvarez to the Aztec country, but given the evidence presented by the defense, the National Court was asked to deny the request.

According to EFE, Ninoska assured that everything is a setup by Rodríguez Borgio, who allegedly has threatened her since she broke up with him and mentioned that he sent her a copy of the arrest warrant before she was aware of the complaints.

“Every day that Ninoska was placed in Mexico, she was at international events,” the defense alleged, presenting a copy of the Venezuelan’s stamped passport. Similarly, Vásquez’s legal representative assured that Rodríguez Borgio is “one of the largest businessmen in Mexico, owner of the Big Bola Foundation, owner of 38 casinos in several Mexican states and that he is on the Forbes list,” for which reason It has certain influences.


When she decided to end the relationship, he “did not accept it and, from there, the threats began, which resulted when, on May 26, 2022, he sent her a message” with the photo of the arrest warrant with the letterhead of the Attorney General of Justice of Mexico.

The lawyer read some of the messages that the businessman would have written to the one claimed by Mexico: «I would hide under the stones, see you in jail, find the best lawyer in Mexico, this time I am not playing. Interpol is looking for you, go to Venezuela, never leave there again. If I find you, you stay in jail for 25 years.”

In addition, he denounced that this businessman “together with his current partner, Miss Earth Venezuela 2019, Michelle Roxana Castellanos (…), went to a Mexican notary to make a power of attorney to carry out the pertinent and necessary actions against Ninoska, who has granted to two Venezuelan lawyers”.

For this reason, in addition to requesting the denial of the extradition, the lawyer requested that the Spanish National Court deduce testimony to investigate the possible criminal acts that the Mexican businessman may have committed.

“I’m a warrior”

Among the messages that drew the most attention after learning of the decision of the Spanish authorities regarding Ninoska Vásquez is that of her friend Giovanni Laguna, who was with her throughout the process.

Via Instagram, the stylist dedicated a post to the mannequin, whom he has known for years. “He won the truth,” he reads from the start of the publication.

«Months of sadness, months of uncertainty but with the conviction that everything would fall under its own weight, that although it sounds hackneyed THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES TO THE LIGHT, she is my soul mate and it hurts me for everything that has happened, I want to tell you with Sadness that yesterday, the day of the trial, she could not sleep and her words to me were I NEED YOU, YOU KNOW I AM A WARRIOR, BUT THIS DAY IS VERY STRONG FOR ME (sic), “continued the man from Barquisimeto.

«Among all this MY HUNCENESS WAS LATENT TO THE VICTORY AND SO IT WAS. I have been away from this issue to take care of myself, for fear of my safety, they have threatened me and they have also done witchcraft (I have proof) but enough is enough, GOD is in control of all this and we have to stop. NINOSKA VÁSQUEZ is innocent because she is a brave, hard-working and fighting woman, I only ask God to protect us from all EVIL amen, “she said, and ended her message by saying:” I love you infinitely @ninoskavasqueza«.

Linking up with Nicky Jam

Months ago, several videos of the Genesis model Aleska Castellanos were leaked in the middle of a spiritualist session. Through a video call, she asked the person to do a “job” for the urban music singer so that he would only think of her and have no desire to be with another woman other than her.

The videos went viral and in them, he also mentioned a woman whom he defined as an “enemy”: Ninoska Vásquez.

“This woman came out in tobacco the first time,” said the practitioner of witchcraft, to which Génesis Aleska replied that she was Miss Earth Venezuela 2017. “She is an enemy… She is his ex-girlfriend,” completed the second, in reference to Javier Rodríguez Borgio, of whom he said that he got drunk, drugged and mistreated his sister, Michell Roxana.

Rains, it pours

Last November 2022, Ninoska used her Instagram account to declare that she was “tired of so much abuse and injustice.”

“I am very sorry that I have to communicate with you through this medium for these types of dramas. Those who follow me and know me know how much I try to stay out of these irregular situations that have been happening, but I am already tired of so many abuses, “he denounced in a video that he shared on his profile on the camera’s social network.

He added that that day he suffered several attempts to close his Instagram account, a situation that he described as censorship, lack of ethics and little morality.

«I know that they also want to do the same to other models and a Venezuelan actress (in reference to Gaby Espino, who is worth noting that she had a relationship with Génesis Aleska’s ex-boyfriend). Therefore, if something happens with my Instagram and even if some intimate or personal material about me comes out, I hold these same people responsible who want to damage the image and even the social networks of this actress and these models.

The reality exceeds fiction

Ninoska Vásquez’s message followed the one made by Espino, who accused the Castellanos sisters of wanting to harm her.

«I have stayed on the sidelines at the media level, and I have handled the situation that I am going through, through legal channels. A situation that I am not used to, because those who know me know that I have never been involved in something as low as this, where a double discourse is handled, since they expose one version publicly, while on the other hand they threaten, persecute and pay to intimidate all the people they consider have to do with this story,” he blurted out before expressing that he had reached his limit.

«I want to make a PUBLIC COMPLAINT and hold #YaoCabrera Influencer/Hacker accountable, who, financed by the Castellanos sisters, is trying to close my Instagram account. If something happens with this Instagram account @gabyespino, the person responsible is Mr. #YaoCabrera, hired by the Castellanos sisters (Génesis Aleska, Michell Roxana and Bárbara Castellanos) », were his words.

The soap opera star indicated that “there is proof of absolutely everything and, as I told you, it is being handled by my lawyers. I would greatly appreciate it, if it is in your hands, to spread this information. Here I leave the photo of #YaoCabrera and the order to close my account, together with the amount that was granted, “she finished.


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