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The glory Part 2 unveiled its main trailer with great anticipation for the finale, which opens on March 10. Part 2 marks the conclusion of the masterful revenge that Dong-eun has been planning her entire life.

The main poster captures the viewers’ gaze with Dong-eun’s chilling words: “You will know my hell.” Caught in the web of revenge that Dong-eun has woven, the perpetrators of child violence against her and the other victims appear in a forest full of flowers that alludes to the Garden of Eden – the symbol of good and evil. This colorful image arouses the audience’s curiosity about what will happen to the group of victims who have decided to no longer tolerate the pain inflicted by the abusers.

The reveal trailer captures one tense scene after another, without a single moment to ignore. The nerve of the perpetrators, who do not feel the slightest bit of guilt or regret, question each other in their desperation to escape unscathed, causing the audience’s blood to boil. All eyes turn to Dong-eun and whether he will get revenge on him, with the implication ahead of time that the victims will have challenges to face. The glory Part 2 invites viewers around the world to wonder if the protagonist will finally find her “glory” at the end of a life of revenge.

The release of the main poster and trailer directs all attention to The glory Part 2, which will be available on March 10, only on Netflix.

Qualification: The glory
Address: An Gil-ho
Script: kim eun-sook
Cast: Song Hye-kyo, Lee Do-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Sung-hoon, Jung Sung-ill, among others
Production: Hwa & Dam Pictures
Distribution: Netflix
Release date (part 1): December 30, 2022
Release date (part 2): March 10, 2023
Website: www.netflix.com/TheGlory

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