We are about to leave February behind, a month that ended up leaving us with many great games that conquered both the specialized press and users around the world. Octopath Traveler II, Atomic Heart, Hogwarts Legacy… All these titles obtained very positive reviews, even Wild Hearts It was made with a gap among so much work thanks to its playable approach. However its graphics are giving a lot to talk about, and not in a good way precisely.

Since the release of this title so similar to Monster Hunter on PC and consoles, the community began to complain about all kinds of technical problems such as those related to computer performance. Luckily Omega Force got to work and released a patch to correct the situation, but there is still a lot to do. What about the Xbox Series S version?


Wild Hearts PS5 | video games | Castilian

  • Hunt Imbued Huge Beasts: By nature, survive their attacks, study their behaviors, and combine the use of weapons and karakuri to defeat them
  • Customize Hunting Grounds: In all of Azuma, only you know how to handle the karakuri, with this ancient technology you will be able to adapt the environment and use creativity to shape more appropriate terrains where to hunt huge kemono
  • Hunt In Group Or Solo: In WILD HEARTS you can stalk kemono and hunt them alone or with up to two friends (or other players).
  • Prepare To Hunt, Hunt To: Prepare, the more you hunt, the more you progress, create your character, collect materials after each hunt and accumulate a selection of weapons and armor with which to defeat any beast, no matter how big it is
  • Discover A Fantasy Medieval Japan: Explore hunting grounds inspired by the four seasons and discover regions as fascinating as they are dangerous

Wild Hearts and its amazing version for Xbox Series S

  • The experts of Digital Foundry posted a new video on their YouTube channel in which analyze the technical section of Wild Hearts
  • As you can see in the screenshots above or the comparison below, Wild Hearts presents a huge downgrade in its version of Xbox Series S📉
  • The title features the option to choose between Resolution Mode and Performance Mode on all platforms… except the cheapest XBX|S model, where You can only play at 900p and with 30fps❗❗
  • Besides this the game looks textures with a very low level of detail and lacks ambient occlusion (virtually no shadows on the stages)😢😢
  • From Digital Foundry they believe that it is very difficult to recommend playing on Series Sespecially due to the absence of a 60fps mode👎🏻

What about Xbox Series S?

sadly this It is not the first time that a video game is clearly weighed down by the benefits of Xbox Series S. This Xbox console is excellent for all those people who want to enjoy the new generation and Game Pass at a spectacular price, however there are titles that are greatly affected by their apparent lack of power.

Surely many many users are completely in the same way that it does not look as sharp as in Series X or PS5, however playing at 900p and 30 fps as the only option is something that can put the public back. What do you think about that?


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