Why isn’t SkyShowtime’s 50% off for life offer working for me? Solutions to the error


SkyShowtime landed in Spain on February 28, 2023 with a great catalog and an even better offer

There are many of us who have registered in SkyShowtime to take a look at its launch catalogue, with countless original films and series that had not yet arrived in Spain. However, a fairly common mistake is having registered in skyshowtime.com or through the app and not find the offer of half price for life (2.99 euros per month, for now). In this case, I will try to help you with a series of tips that the streaming platform itself has specified in its Help Center.

Have you signed up for SkyShowtime through an app store at 5.99 euros per month?

The fine print of the offer known as “half price for life” (meaning 50% is applied to the rate that is available at the time) confirms that the promotion is only available on the web skyshowtime.com. The solution?

  • If you have registered through an application store (Google Play Store/App Store) you will have to create a new account on the website with a different email address and unsubscribe the first one (the one in which you did not have the offer). 🟢
  • The problem is that you will lose the 5.99 euros per month of the first payment, but from the second you will pay 2.99 euros per month. 🔴

Have you contracted SkyShowtime through the web and have you paid 5.99 euros per month?

SkyShowtime also put a solution to this problem, much simpler than the previous one. Besides, The 5.99 euros per month of the first payment are not lost:

  1. enter with your SkyShowtime account.
  2. Look for the section “Payments and Plans” and enter one of these two codes in the ” sectionPromotional code“.
    • ESHPFL2023CS (Spain).
    • ADHPFL2023CS (if you are from Andorra).
  3. Click on “Use“.

Starting next month, your account will enjoy the offer of 50% discount on the price of SkyShowtime at all times. AND to recover the 3 euros that you paid otherscan contact those responsible from the platform through a Contact Form and they will return them to you.

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