Why Final Fantasy XVI won’t come out on PS4? Its creators make it very clear


Yesterday they were finally published first previews of final fantasy 16one of the most anticipated video games of all 2023. The specialized press had the enormous pleasure of play a demo special of this installment of the Square Enix saga, and as many expected, they believe that we could be facing one of the GOTY candidates and one of the best action titles of recent years.

In addition to the new gameplay videos that have been emerging since yesterday, the developers of final fantasy 16 They gave a large number of interviews to the media in which they revealed very interesting details about the game. And of course one of the questions they received was why is this game not intergenerationalthat is why it will not see the light on PS4.

The reason why FFXVI won’t come to PS4

fff 16
  • In an article published by IGNNaoki Yoshida (producer) stressed the importance of the power of PS5 with a clear example: “While you’re fighting Ifrit and Garuda in the demo, in the background, the PS5 is loading the next cutscene. It’s getting ready so we can make it through without cutting” 💪🏻
  • For his part, Ryoto Suzuki (combat director) commented that if it weren’t for the PS5’s memory and the speed of its SSD, the game would still be in full development instead of meeting near its end⌛⌛
  • “You’re graphing the fists and the claws and the wings (of Eikon’s abilities) and everything in real time and everything with these beautiful graphics and having all these different options at your disposal. Doing all of that perfectly is only possible thanks to the power of PlayStation 5.added Suzuki✅
  • Therefore it is clear that PS4 does not have the necessary features to make Final Fantasy XVI present a technical section like the one seen in the gameplays for ps5❌❌

And for when the PC version?

The theme of the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI has always been shrouded in mystery, partly because of poor communication between PlayStation and Square Enix. Luckily yesterday good Yoshi-P shed a little more light on the matter by disprove the false belief that the port for PC it would be released right when the temporary exclusivity with Sony ended, in early 2024.


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