Cats are independent animals that love to play in various spaces in the house. These domestic cats have a great penchant for cardboard boxes.

Some pet owners prefer to buy toys to help burn energy, and cats can entertain themselves when they are away from home for long hours. However, specialists explain that kittens love cardboard boxes.

If you want to give him a toy, this would be a great opportunity to surprise your pet and spend pleasant moments with his box.

Why do cats love cardboard boxes?

1. They feel safe

Kittens have a need to feel protected. These cardboard objects give them that security they seek, since their instinct is to stay safe from other animals.

2. They want to hunt

Being hidden inside a box, this action awakens their hunting instinct.

3. Stay warm

Cats have a body temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. For this reason, they put long hours inside the boxes to stay warm.

4. The material of the box

Cats entertain themselves by scratching various things at home such as furniture and curtains. However, the boxes are also preferred by their material.

5. They control stress

According to a group of professionals from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Utrecht, cats love boxes because it helps them manage stress.


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