if you have never played The Last of Us and its DLC left behindyou probably don’t know who it is Riley and what happens to him But he is the most important character after joel for Ellie. Thus, I explain with this post who Riley is and why she influenced the protagonist of the story so much.

The importance of Riley in The Last of Us

Although Riley Appears only in one episode The Last of Usits importance is vital for Ellie. Not only for being the first love interest of our young protagonist; also because of what happens to him, given that it will end up having an impact on the character of Ellie. In this way, even if he is a secondary character, in some way he is also a main character..

What happened to Riley in chapter 7 of The Last of Us?

Attention: In this section of the article I will talk freely about what happens in chapter 7 of The Last of Us. Don’t read on if you haven’t seen it yet.

In it chapter 7 of the last of us we get the answer to a very repeated question from the beginning of the series: how was ellie bitten? The surprising thing is that she was not alone at that precise moment: Riley convinces Ellie to enter a mall closed down by PHAEDRA. since he believes that there are no infected inside. Her theory is that a secret of vital importance to the military is being hidden (however, Riley is very close to the Fireflies).

Much of the episode takes place in this single location, with numerous visual references to the DLC. left behind that many of you have played. However, when it starts to ring Take on Me by a-ha, neither of them understands that it is a danger signal according to the smugglers’ code. Thus, look at Ellie’s clothes. What is the same as the one she was wearing when we met her in the first scene of her?

riley and ellie the last of us
Riley and Ellie are two wonderful characters, with a very different ending for each one.

They both have their first kissbut Ellie He is afraid that the school will find out that he has run away, so he wants to return. However, the chemistry between the two girls is such that they start dancing to loud music inside the mall: the infected run to the sound source and that’s when Ellie gets bitten on her arm. But the worst is that Riley was also injured. Outcome? The one you already know: Ellie is immune, but not her best friend, who would have been her future girlfriend.. Thus, Ellie suffers a loss as devastating as the one suffered joel years ago, this feeling of loneliness being what unites both characters.

riley and ellie the last of us
Storm Reid plays Riley in The Last of Us series

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