Shakira offers her first interview after recent controversies. Messi and Putellas triumph at The Best awards. Did covid-19 come out of a laboratory? A popular destination will pay tourists to visit it. This is what you need to know to start the day. First the truth.

1. Where and when will there be snowstorms in the US?

If you live in the Northeast or the West Coast of the United States, be warned: this is another week of snow. The northern winter storm is bringing snow to the Great Lakes and the Northeast region, where weather warnings stretch from Minnesota to Maine.

2. Messi and Putellas triumph in The Best

Lionel Messi and Alexia Putellas took the awards for best player and female player, respectively, at the FIFA The Best awards ceremony, which took place this Monday in Paris. Find here the winners of all categories.

Lionel Messi, FIFA The Best player of 2022 0:55

3. What we know about the murder of model Abby Choi

Four family members have been charged in connection with the gruesome murder of Hong Kong model Abby Choi. They all appeared in court on Monday after police said they found what are believed to be dismembered parts of her body.

What do we know about the murder of model Abby Choi? 2:00

4. Student loan forgiveness plan reaches US Supreme Court.

Millions of people who accessed student loans could see up to $ 20,000 of their debt canceled, depending on the outcome of the US Supreme Court hearing on Tuesday on President Joe Biden’s forgiveness program.

5. Did covid-19 originate in a laboratory?

China’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday that it is “highly unlikely” that Covid-19 came from a laboratory leak, responding to an intelligence report from the US Department of Energy that assessed whether the virus escaped accidentally. from a laboratory in Wuhan.

3 years later, the origin of covid-19 is still unknown 2:23

at coffee time

These are the signs of an eating disorder: the ones you know and the ones you don’t

Eating disorders affect nearly one in 10 people worldwide, according to the non-profit organization ANAD, which offers support services to people with them. What defines an eating disorder?

Storm Reid, actress of “The Last of Us”, offers advice to homophobic viewers of the series

Actress Storm Reid shared her take on something that has sparked anger among some viewers of the HBO drama: the portrayal of same-sex relationships.

BTS star J-Hope to enlist for mandatory military service

Another BTS member, the eldest boy band In the world, he will put his music career on hold to enlist in the South Korean army, but not before releasing a new solo track.

The reasons why BTS announced its withdrawal from the stage 1:19

Pink is disappointed that her comments about a decades-long argument with Christina Aguilera made headlines

The singer, who recently released her latest album, “Trustfall,” recounted a story about accidentally sitting in Aguilera’s chair when they were working together, which caused her to get upset. Pink took to Instagram to explain that she was disappointed with the coverage, hoping that people would focus on her art.

This popular destination will pay tourists to visit it

At a time when travel is making a comeback but rising airfares are making long-haul flights difficult for many, destinations are doing everything they can to encourage visitors to boost their economies. Find out which country will offer money to visitors.

the figure of the day

Between 80,000 and 100,000

López Obrador admits that between 80,000 and 100,000 people protested in Mexico City against the electoral reform.

AMLO on the march of the INE: Let them continue to demonstrate. We fill it 60 times 3:39

quote of the day

“I’m worth two out of 22”

That’s what Shakira said in the first interview she gave after launching the controversial song with the Argentine Bizarrap and one more song with her compatriot Karol G.

And to finish…

FIFA Puskás Goal of the Year! Player in the amputee league scores a Chilean media goal

Don’t miss this impressive goal from a Chilean half, who won the Goal of the Year award at the Polish amputee tournament. A true memorable gem.

Look at the goal that won the FIFA Puskás 2022 0:59


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