in the past and continued until now It is undeniable that the clergy circle has news from time to time in the social media world. Especially the trend of various ‘Kruba’, whether it is Kruba in the Northeast that is hilarious. Whether it’s Kruba in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lanna that is news I have to admit that his stuff is really strong. Up to the latest, I feel that there will always be news coming out. Many people who have seen the news despite being a strict Buddhist or even the general public who knows the stories These pass the news. via social media would have a feeling of wanting to know the story There is a deep background behind each other.

One thing that the author has observed in commenting on many news agencies, every office will have many opinions that repeatedly ask the same many times as to what ‘Kruba’ is, why is it called ‘Kruba’? Written as a study about ‘Kruba’ and has been a fan of Kruba since childhood. I would like to tell the origin of the word Kruba for everyone to understand that What does the word Kruba mean? How is it originated? What is the difference between Kruba Isaan? and Kruba Lanna So why do young monks nowadays want to become teachers? Today we are going to solve doubts together.

Who is Kruba?

The word ‘Kruba’ is actually most often heard from the north. Many people may have heard or know the word ‘Kruba’ from ‘Kruba Sriwichai’, whom he was regarded as the merit of Lanna. Or even nowadays, you may have heard or known from many famous Kruba, whether Kruba Boonchum (Tham Luang) or Kruba Ariyachat.

Let’s start the way from the North first. Actually, the word ‘Kruba’ of the North or Lanna cultural area. In the past, the meaning was derived from the word ‘guru’ combined with the word ‘preceptor’, referring to a monk who had knowledge both in practice and practice. be a teacher He is the preceptor of the monks and novices who are respected by many people. which does not have to be a monk who is a master monk Or those who have any magic science. Simply put, Kruba is not equal to a magician. just a knowledgeable monk and is respected by the villagers So he respectfully called that monk ‘Kruba’.

local sage in the north and many Lanna scholars try to define the word ‘Kruba’ that must be a monk who is old enough Although it is appropriate to be called with the word ‘Kruba’, for example, one must be at least 60 years old or at least 20 years old. However, if counting according to this criterion

That means Kruba Sriwichai. Isn’t the person of merit of Lanna in line with the criteria that should be called ‘Kruba’ as well or not? Kruba Sriwichai was born in 1878 and passed away on February 21, 1938. That means Kruba Sriwichai was only 60 years old and had a Buddhist Lent in the year he died exactly 20 years old.

But with the overwhelming faith in Kruba Sriwichai at present A group of current Lanna local philosophers and scholars tried to reinterpret the meaning to justify that Kruba Sriwichai deserves to be praised with the word ‘Kruba’ because he is considered a monk who plays an important role in terms of practice and practice. Create benefits for Lanna Buddhism. and land of Lanna especially about the restoration of many temples Kruba Sriwichai therefore deserves to be praised with the prefix named ‘Kruba’. Simply put, this criterion has only one exception for Kruba Sriwichai.

As for the word ‘Kruba’ in the northeastern region Instead, it has a different meaning from the word ‘Kruba’ in the North. In the Northeast, ‘Kruba’ means Phra Nawaka. or newly ordained monks who are not more than 10 years old and most importantly, do not have to be just monks.

‘Kruba’ in the northeastern region can be taken with lay people as well. If that person has knowledge and ability in any aspect

Why do you want to be a teacher?

Now, the question that follows is then why ‘Kruba’ in the present doesn’t have a very long rainy season and feels that most ‘Kruba’ seem to have the characteristics of being a master. is a man of meditation is a person with magic not only that There are more and more numbers every day.

Back in the 1987 decade, there was an important religious phenomenon in the North. is the emergence of a current ‘New Rabbi Kati’ or many people who don’t feel like it, often call it ‘Kruba Uk Gas’, which means premature aging.

This phenomenon is evident. A number of monks in the northern region tried to present their image to be similar to that of Kruba Sriwichai. Whether wearing red, brown, brown robes, wearing tight-fitting robes, hanging rosary beads, some use palm leaves made from palm leaves. or some peacock tail present their own stories to connect with stories related to Kruba Srivichai, such as Kruba Srivichai’s practices He was a monk who built, developed, and built some large and magnificent temples. Is a teacher of Srivichai who reincarnated some Or have a merit like Kruba Sriwichai These images were used. and became a phenomenon that occurred among monks in the north

The next question was ‘why’ to be Kruba Sriwichai. The important reason is During that same decade Another trend was born in the northern region. is the local trend, Lanna popular, trying to revive local history Create a historical local hero And the person who was invited to be raised as a local hero is ‘Kruba Sriwichai’ Kruba Sriwichai was therefore honored to become The one and only ‘Merit of Lanna’

Therefore, the image of Kruba Sriwichai was presented, reinforced, reproduced, reproduced, until it became perceived. is the core understanding of society. and people in the North The image of Kruba Sriwichai became the meaning of the word ‘Kruba’, becoming the image of the ‘master’ of being a teacher. And become a ‘standard’, the accuracy of being a teacher.

Simply put, it is the local trend of Lanna popularism that makes Kruba Sriwichai become the center of everything. kind of being a teacher If we talk about the word ‘Kruba’, the first image that comes to mind is the image of Kruba Sriwichai.

When the teacher is equal to the image of the maestro

The last question, why did Kruba become a monk? sorcerer which is different from the original meaning and why anyone wants to be a teacher

The word ‘Kruba’ became the image of the monk. sorcerer arising from the production Reproducing the image of Kruba Sriwichai to become a wonderful person, a person of merit, a person of great charisma according to various legends About Kruba Sriwichai as well Regardless of the story that Kruba Sriwichai walks in the rain but doesn’t get wet. Kruba Sriwichai can walk above the ground. Kruba Srivichai was born on rainy days, thunders, earthquakes, believed to be the nature of the birth of a meritorious person. These stories became the main story line in presenting the image of Kruba Sriwichai. Until making him become an extraordinary monk, becoming a ‘magic monk’ as well

and being a teacher who has this magic is the source of fame Massive funding sources and factors Whether from donations, making merit or trading sacred objects Talisman So this is the answer why anyone to want to be a teacher And why are there more and more numbers every day? Whether either in the north or in the northeast

Therefore, the importance of being a teacher today Therefore, it starts from creating an image. Create a sacred story Presenting these things to communicate for Buddhists or the general public to know. and understand that ‘This is the Teacher,’ ‘This is the Pure One,’ ‘This is the Holy One,’ and ‘This is the Charismatic One’ are worthy of worship.

but that said all The author doesn’t want to say that. We should not be fooled into worshiping Kruba or Phra Kechi Achan. or even say that being a teacher It’s not good to present the image of a monk as a teacher today. Just don’t misunderstand like that. Because all is the right and religious freedom of everyone. Who wants to pay respect? Who wants to bow down? or who doesn’t want to believe, don’t have to believe and we should respect each other’s rights and freedom of belief.


  • Natthaphong Duangkaew, Kruba Katimai dressed in Buddhist attire in the Semi-Buddhist Era, Bangkok: Matichon


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