Jujutsu Kaisen” is a story that in its most basic and pure essence is about sorcerers eliminating curses that frighten humanity. However, add to this a protagonist who has within him the most powerful of all curses, a varied cast of villains and ‘heroes’ with different abilities and, in essence, you have the clear formula to find a shonen that can do it as well as it has done. it will always be easier for you if you have aces up your sleeve like Satoru Gojo.

What is the name of Satoru Gojo’s special technique?

Basically, the reason why Gojo is considered the most powerful character in “Jujutsu Kaisen” is because he has in his arsenal a special technique that apparently no one can beat (not even Sukuna himself).

  • The original name of Satoru Gojo’s special technique is ‘The Six Eyes’, also known as the Rikugan in Japanese.
  • This technique is given its particular name because it uses the user’s eyes to offer the user an unparalleled capacity for visual perception.
  • Not only that, the technique in question allows access to skills of tremendous power that, Used in combination with others, they grant their user an overwhelming advantage in combat..
jujutsu kaisen gojo
Look at him, the guy with his destructive technique is beautiful

Why are Satoru Gojo’s 6 eyes so powerful?

  • In the lineage of Satoru Gojo there is always the possibility of inheriting the Infinite Curse Techniquewhich essentially grants the ability to manipulate space at the atomic level. However, only those who possess the power of The 6 Eyes are able to make the most of the potential of this technique.
  • Satoru Gojo is, fortunately as a sorcerer, heir to both the Infinite Curse Technique and The 6 Eyes. Not only that: he is the first sorcerer in the last 100 years of Jujutsu Kaisen history to be born with both qualities at his disposal.
  • But why are The 6 Eyes so important to master the Infinity Curse Technique? Well, because the Rikugan makes the user, beyond obtaining a drastically increased visual perception, see your brain processing power also raised to a whole new level. Precisely, all the special techniques within the Infinite Curse Technique require those same two qualities in order to be used to their fullest.
  • One of the most special qualities of the Rikugan is that it makes its user process the cursed energy consumption in an absurdly efficient way. So much so, that a good user of the Rikugan will be able to reduce consumption to the point of essentially being 0. Thanks to this, basically the wizard in question can fight with infinite cursed energy.
gojo satoru fight jujutsu kaisen
It could be Gojo disrespecting you, but in reality it is explaining that ‘for this’ you will never give him

All the techniques that Gojo uses in Jujutsu Kaisen

  • Mugen (Infinite): Basically, it is in charge of creating a space-time infinity between the user and the enemy. What does this mean? Well, Gojo’s ability to process space and use cursed energy allows him, in essence, to create an infinite space between himself and the opponent to prevent the latter’s attacks from hitting him. It is a perfect defense.
  • Forward Rotation: Blue – This technique creates a kind of gravitational attraction towards a fixed point that can cause the attracted bodies to implode or end up completely destroyed.
  • Reverse Rotation: Red Glow – This technique essentially has the opposite effect of the ‘Blue’ version. In this way, an orb is created that repels bodies and that, when used, is capable of generating an explosion with immense force.
gojo red technique
If Gojo is using one of these techniques, you can already run
  • Imaginary: Purple – This advanced technique combines both rotation techniques to generate a negative effect that removes absolutely everything it comes in contact with from existence. It is a skill known only to a few members of the Gojo clan.
  • long distance teleportation: Another technique used by Gojo is one that allows his teleportation and that of even a second person over a long distance. There are some conditions to execute said technique, but they are not revealed.
  • Domain Expansion – Gojo’s mastery expansion consists of trapping the enemy in the Infinity technique. In this situation, the enemy is overwhelmed by information of all kinds that does not stop arriving infinitely and that pushes the brain to the limit, causing an overload and consequent catatonic state.

Personally, at this point I imagine Satoru Goju as some kind of human black hole. He controls absolutely everything in terms of space around his person and can make anyone disappear with his techniques. It’s not hard to see why he’s the most powerful character in “Jujutsu Kaisen”, but once you take a closer look at how The 6 Eyes and Infinity work, there really isn’t much doubt.

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