It is already common knowledge that the producer Aniplex is recognized within the Anime industry for imposing production schedules that are impossible to meetwhich leads to production problems in their Anime series, which ends up suspending series in the middle of broadcast. Production problems could be avoided if the release date were delayed, however, it is possible that there is already a signed contract that requires compliance with the established time periods.

Finally, the effects of mismanagement of Aniplex now it feels even more so given that three of his productions have already been suspended (some indefinitely, others for several weeks), including NieR: Automata Ver. 1.1a, Ayakashi Triangle Y UniteUp!. Could it be that it is also the turn of Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha 2nd Season, Buddy Daddies either Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!which also produces Aniplex?

We don’t know yet, although there are rumors about the impending suspension of the Demon King Anime. However, the entertainer kanta kamei He already made a post on Twitter trying to explain what is happening, and it seems that the Anime industry in Japan already depends too much on animators from China, whom they subcontract.

  • «A long time ago I asked this to an Aniplex producer: “Could you stop planning your releases for January? The New Year holidays slow down the production process, and the staff can’t even ring in the new year properly. In addition, the New Year comes in February in China, so the production stops“. I said my opinion but he didn’t care».

And he continued explaining about what happens in China on these dates:

  • «And in the Chinese New Year, the managers of the production companies lament that the animators do not accept to work even if they are offered five times the usual salary. That’s right, that is the importance of the New Year’s celebration in those lands».

You are right, it turns out that the animators in China refuse to work during these dates due to the arrival of the Lunar New Year holiday, or Chinese New Year, extremely important for the inhabitants of the Asian giant. They don’t even agree to work for five times the usual pay, which shows the weight of this celebration. And since Anime productions are very rarely finished when the broadcast begins (that’s right, when Anime series premiere, it doesn’t mean they’re finished), because the process stays in the middle and cannot be finished.

This attracted opinions in forums, highlighting:

  • «The Anime industry never learns, right?».
  • «It is a situation that we already knew we would arrive at.».
  • «But it would be stupid not to release series in January, it’s missing an opportunity that only comes four times a year».
  • «And why don’t they finish production in advance of the series that will premiere in January? There is no real planning on this, and in the end it turns into a disaster».
  • «The same thing has been happening for years. I don’t think the producers give a shit at this point».
  • «Now I understand why Lycoris Recoil was delayed, but they never said».
  • «In the Anime industry there is no “minimum effort”. You keep your schedule and your work, but then they ask you to improve it more and more, and they end up exploiting you».

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