TEL AVIV, 26 FEB – Two Israelis were killed in a terrorist attack in the West Bank not far from Nablus. According to the military spokesman, “a Palestinian terrorist opened fire on an Israeli vehicle.” The shooting occurred as talks were underway in Aqaba, Jordan between Israelis and Palestinians, with Egyptians and Jordanians, under US pressure to ease tensions. The Israelis killed were two brothers. Those in charge of the nearby Jewish settlement Har Brachà identified them as Hillel (21) and Yagal (22) Yaniv. Both studied at the local rabbinical college. One had just finished his military service, while the other was about to start it. Meanwhile – reports the Palestinian news agency Wafa – groups of settlers have carried out attacks against Palestinian property. Property damage was reported, according to Wafa, in Huwara, Burin and Qaryut. A Palestinian farmer was injured, according to the agency. The Israeli army – which is still engaged in the search for the bombers in the Nablus area – has not yet commented on this information. (HANDLE).


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