Italy weather forecast

SITUATION. Mathematical models confirm a sudden drop in temperatures which will bring snowfall to very low altitudes in part of the Center and also in isolation in the North, especially in the Northwest and in the Emilian Apennines. In the South, given the call of mild southern currents, temperatures will only drop relatively, returning at most to the averages of the period. This phase of instability will last a few days thanks to a minimum of low pressure which will first take place near Sardinia, then from Tuesday towards the lower Tyrrhenian Sea.

WEATHER MONDAY FEBRUARY 27: situation very similar to Sunday, rains, showers and thunderstorms will keep the central-southern regions in check with phenomena that will also extend to the lower Adriatic. Snow may still fall at very low altitudes, locally also in the plains between the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, high Tuscany and high Marche, at hilly altitudes between Abruzzo and Lazio. The North is still dry except for some occasional rainfall between lower Piedmont and Liguria, snowy in the morning up to the plains. Temperatures will also suffer a slight decrease in the South, they will remain unchanged elsewhere. The ventilation will still be tense or strong from the eastern quadrants to the north and the southern ones to the south. Seas all very rough.

Lazio weather evolution

MONDAY’: an area of ​​low pressure embraces the Region causing a day of unstable weather with light rains in all sectors. Specifically on the northern coasts very cloudy skies or covered with rain and showers, including thunderstorms. In the evening attenuation of the phenomena; progressively increasing clouds on the southern coasts with light rains from the afternoon; over the northern plains very cloudy skies or overcast skies with light rain for the whole day; progressively increasing clouds over the capital with light rains from the afternoon, intensifying in the evening with showers also of a thunderstorm nature; very cloudy skies in the southern plains in the morning with light rains, temporarily absorbed in the afternoon. New light rains in the evening; over the sub-Apennines very cloudy skies with light showers in the afternoon. In the evening it clears up; over the Apennines very cloudy skies in the morning with light rain, temporarily absorbed in the afternoon, but recovering in the evening. Weak winds from the south-eastern quadrants in attenuation; Thermal zero around 1250 meters. Sea from very rough to rough.

Comment from the Middle Tyrrhenian forecaster
After dominating the Mediterranean meteorological scenario for a long time, the anticyclone tends to progressively weaken, disturbed by humid infiltrations from the western quadrants. A pattern that still involves temperatures above the average, with highs of up to 20-21°C in the plains on Saturday, a day characterized by widespread cloudiness and some rain in Tuscany and in the evening also in Lazio. Further rapid deterioration to follow, with bad weather between Sunday 26 and Monday 27, when the cyclonic circulation present on the central-western sectors of the Mediterranean, rapidly deepening on the Tyrrhenian Sea, will interact with the influx of colder currents of distant Arctic origin: rains and showers also of a thunderstorm nature during Sunday, with snow levels decreasing by evening up to around 200-400m in inland Tuscany and along the northern Apennines; snowfalls in Perugia, possible flakes in Siena and rain mixed with snow in Florence. Monday still unstable and disturbed, with possible flakes between night and morning up to the high hills between Umbria, upper Lazio and lower Tuscany.

(Source: 3B Weather)
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