We reveal three new cards from the Scarlet and Purple expansion exclusively


The pokemon world continues to grow. A good example of this is the new Anime coming out once the adventures of ash and pikachu. We have also seen it with the release of “Pokemon Scarlet and Purple” for Nintendo Switch at the end of last 2022. By the way, the Scarlet and Purple expansion for the TCG is about to arrive.

Today, I come to speak to you precisely the Pokémon Trading Card Game. And it is that, since Areajugoneswe have had the opportunity to show you exclusively three new cards that will be part of this Scarlet and Purple expansion. Do you want to see them? I leave them right here!

New cards from the Scarlet and Purple expansion of the Pokémon JCC

These are the three precious cards in question:

New Pokémon: Lechonk and Tandemaus

  • lechonk, one of the first Pokémon we met from the ninth generation, could not be missing in this expansion. 🐷
  • As you can see on the card, this Pokémon has the ability to make the opponent have to change their active Pokémonthanks to movement Repellent smell. ❗️
  • tandemaus, one of the coolest and most peculiar Pokémon of the new generation, is also joining the party. 🐭 🐭
  • As you can see for yourselves, this Pokémon can do a lot of damage to the opponent if we are lucky flipping the coin with movement double punch. 💥
  • I cannot stay without commenting that, as usual in the Pokémon JCC, the illustrations of both creatures are very cool. 🎨

New Supporter card: Mencía

Card Mencia TCG Pokemon
  • Our great friend of the academy from “Pokémon Scarlet and Purple” will also be at our side in the new expansion of the Pokémon TCG. 🤜🏻🤛🏻
  • On this occasion, mencia will help us by allowing us draw 3 cards. ⭐️
  • In the beautiful illustration of the letter we can see Mencía in the Orange Academy uniform, in what appears to be the entrance of his house. Will he head to the school to fight? ❓

And here comes the information about these three new cards from the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet and Purple expansion. Remember that now you can only see them here, but you can get them when They go on sale on March 31.. Do you like them? I read you in the comments!

Before finishing, if you have not seen it, I inform you that you have more details about this expansion and its products in it link that I leave you at the end of the first paragraph of this news.


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