BRUSSELS, 01 MAR – The Swedish presidency of the EU semester, according to what is learned, has postponed the debate and the vote scheduled for today at the meeting of the Deputy Permanent Representatives (Coreper I) on the stop to the sale of internal combustion engines starting from 2035. The vote it was foreseen in the first point of the order of business and slipped to Coreper I on Friday. The move by the Swedish presidency comes after the yes to the EU Regulation on stopping internal combustion engines (mainly diesel and petrol) has returned to the balance in the past few hours: Italy has announced its vote against and Germany has expressed reservations linking its approval to the need to implement a parallel European measure on e-fuels. With the unfavorable positions of Poland and Bulgaria already expressed at Coreper I last November, the Regulation risked encountering a blocking minority. The final, apparently only formal, ratification of the regulation is scheduled for the EU Council on 7 March. (HANDLE).


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