The singer Víctor Drija expressed his happiness for the second pregnancy of his wife Blanca Aljibes. He did it through a post posted on his Instagram account where he shared a small video that shows the news. The second baby of the Venezuelan singer is on the way almost three years after Liam was born, his firstborn.

The clip, which did not take long to excite his followers, shows the hands of all the members of the family in the shape of a heart, discovering a photo of the ecosonogram. In the aforementioned social network, the former beauty queen with whom the artist shares his life also stated that he felt happy. “One more reason to be happy,” wrote the blonde who married Drija in 2018 in the post.

With more than 52 thousand “likes” and over 650 comments, it was not surprising that the reactions of affection rained down. Some of them from celebrities like actress Sabrina Seara. “CONGRATULATIONS what a thrill,” wrote the wife of actor Daniel Elbittar. Among others, the cheerleaders of “La bomba” Andreina Castro and Adriana Peña also raised a comment. «I die of love. I love you too much,” wrote the first; while the second expressed: «How beautiful. Congratulations!!”.

The entertainer Jesús De Alva, the singer Juan Miguel, the actress Ligia Petit, the entertainer Bárbara Sánchez, the former miss Daniela DiGiacomo and the actor Willy Martin, among many others, extended their congratulations in the publication.

Víctor Drija is remembered for his leading role in the Venevisión series “Somos Tú y Yo” and for his work as a singer and dancer.

project on the way

Another novelty that raised the singer’s emotions was the announcement of the Drija Experience that already has a date and place in Caracas. It is the debut of his acoustic concert that for the first time reaches movie theaters. Via Instagram, the special is promoted that brings together, on the same stage, several national artists who accompany Drija in some of his most famous songs.

“For the first time my concert in movie theaters,” exposes the musician in the clip posted on Cinex, a circuit where the Drija Experience can be seen. “Next March 15 there will be two functions,” he continues. «I am accompanied by very special guests. Great friends that I admire a lot and that I consider world-class. With an impressive technological deployment and a spectacular band », he anticipates.

Among these collaborators, Noreh, Gustavo Elis, Jambene, Franco and Kobi Cantillo are announced. The appointment will be at Cinex El Recreo and Cinex Tolón at 7:00 pm and the show will be streamed.


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