Venezuela denounces the continuity of neocolonialism and guarantees human rights


Venezuela denounces the continuity of the actions of neocolonialism, with the imposition of more than 927 coercive and illegal measures that have affected the normal functioning of the country’s economy, but remains firm and committed to the defense of Human Rights, highlighted this Tuesday the chancellor of the Republic, Yván Gil, when participating in the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations Organization (UN).

«These measures are the continuity of neocolonialism, and now they are implemented as political and economic weapons by the hegemonic countries to the peoples of the South, and to all those who do not agree with their perverse expansionist intentions, accompanied by shameful media campaigns, full of falsehoods, to criminalize governments, accuse legitimate authorities and organize failed assassinations and coups,” denounced the Venezuelan Foreign Minister before the Council.

During his speech, the Foreign Minister indicated that Venezuela continues to defend its commitment to Human Rights one year after the periodic review on this matter.

“We reject and condemn the politicization that they intend to continue applying in this worthy council,” he claimed.

He explained that they intend to create parallel systems to criminalize countries, for which reason he noted that “this council must be oriented towards the defense of nations.”

Likewise, he made a call to “continue working on the institutionality of this Council, reaffirming the universality and independence of human rights, without double standards,” he said.

“Human rights are sacred elements for the United Nations, let’s not allow them to be a pretext for more violations,” he added.

This Monday, Foreign Minister Yván Gil arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, to participate in the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (UN).

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