Venezuela and Türkiye reviewed cooperation agreements and exchanged different strategies related to projects in the field of electrical energy, with the purpose of bringing development and well-being to both peoples.

The information was released, through his account on the social network Twitter, by the Sector Vice President of Public Works and Services, and Minister for Electric Power, Néstor Reverol, who held a meeting on Tuesday with the ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye , Aydan Karamanoğlu, in order to review strategic agreements between both nations.

«I held an important meeting with His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye, @AydanKaramanolu, with whom we exchanged strategies related to projects for the benefit of both nations in terms of electrical energy. We move forward with an inclusive vision,” Reverol posted on Twitter.

Strategic Alliances

Venezuela and Türkiye maintain a close bilateral relationship that has allowed them to sign strategic agreements in different areas.

“Venezuela has been establishing alliances with sister countries to strengthen areas that contribute to the economic, productive and social development of our peoples, particularly in the strengthening of the National Electric System,” Reverol stressed, referring to a press release from the Ministry.

Venezuela and Türkiye have more than 40 cooperation agreements, which in 2021 exceeded 850 million dollars; in areas such as defense, air and maritime transport, trade, finance, education, tourism, agriculture, science and technology.


On the other hand, Minister Néstor Reverol expressed his solidarity with the ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye, Aydan Karamanoğlu, and the people for the earthquakes that occurred in that country at the beginning of February, and which left more than 45,000 dead.

“We express our solidarity to the Government and the families affected by the earthquakes that occurred in that country and we hope for their speedy recovery,” Reverol stressed.

Recently, the Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye in Venezuela thanked the members of the Simón Bolívar Humanitarian Task Force (FTH) for supporting his nation in the search and rescue of survivors of the earthquakes.

“Good friends are not only seen in happy moments, but in tragic moments and Venezuela has proven to be Türkiye’s friend, we will never forget their solidarity and cooperation. I thank the Venezuelan people and their government for their solidarity and friendship,” she said at the time.


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