On February 27, the White House gave federal agencies 30 days to remove TikTok from all phones and government systems. And the transmission of data via the Internet in such applications is prohibited. to keep government information safe

By last December Congress has passed a resolution banning federal employees from using TikTok on state-owned devices and giving the President Joe Biden administration 60 days to issue an order against the agencies. This vote was taken by the US legislature. in cracking down on Chinese companies Amid security concerns that the app could be used as a spying tool,

However, while the ban on the app won’t affect the more than 100 million Americans who use TikTok, it does add to the growing demand for the app’s ban. totally steep After the previous incident, a Chinese balloon hovered over US airspace. which raised national security concerns

US movement Compliant with Canadian government action It also announced a ban on TikTok on government-issued devices yesterday. The reason is to prevent risks to privacy and security. After the conflict between Canada and China is more intense than ever. The European Union also has orders from two of the largest policy-making institutions to ban TikTok on employees’ phones. For cybersecurity reasons in the past week as well.

File Photo: XanderSt Via Shutterstock



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