The official website of the new Anime inspired by the Manga urusei yatsura of Rumiko Takahashi, revealed on Tuesday three new characters with their respective voice actors. Entering the plot as members of a female gang, who will challenge light, Benten and Oyuki in a match, the characters will appear in the Anime‘s 20th episode on Thursday.

The new cast and characters include:

Misaki Kuno as Sugar

Chitose Morinaga as Ginger

Rie Takahashi as Pepper

the Manga urusei yatsura is written and illustrated by rumiko takashiand began its publication in the magazine shonen sunday from the publisher shogakukan since the month of September of the year 1978. The Manga has already reached its end in the month of July of the year 1987 and had 34 compilation volumes in total.

On February 22, 1987, the Manga urusei yatsura It would premiere its Anime adaptation that consisted of a total of 195 episodes and 12 OVAs. Also, animation studios Pierrot and Studio DEEN were in charge of the production of the series under the direction of mamoru oshii and kazuo yamazaki.

Synopsis of Urusei Yatsura:

An alien race known as Oni decides to invade Earth, though it gives humans a chance to compete if they don’t want to be slaves.

The human chosen for the competition is a Japanese high school student with a womanizing character named Ataru Moroboshi, who must touch the horns of the beautiful princess Lamu/Lum, the daughter of the Oni chief, although it will be difficult, since she knows how to fly . But Ataru manages by removing her bikini top so that the girl protects her integrity and thus cuckolds her.

When Ataru wins, he shouts with happiness knowing that he is going to marry his then girlfriend Shinobu, but Lamu misinterprets him thinking that he is going to marry her and ends up falling in love with the young man, ending up staying at his house.



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