Very good it must have worked up to the sky in Netflix so that the platform streaming began work on a series as a sequel. Indeed, this Spanish film swept the app’s catalog and Very soon it will arrive Up to the sky: The series. No, they have not burned their heads with the title, but after being able to see the official trailer and read its synopsis, I have to say that it looks as good as the original feature film by Daniel Calparsoro.

When is Up to Heaven: The Series released on Netflix?

Daniel Calparsoro redirect Up to Heaven: The Serieswith script of Jorge Guerricaechevarria. This tandem has shaped a sequel to Hasta el cielo that will premiere on Netflix on March 17 worldwide. As it usually happens with all the series of the platform of streamingthe launch will be complete: all episodes will be available at the same time. There is no news, at the moment, about a possible second season (but I wouldn’t be surprised).

Trailer and synopsis of Up to Heaven: The Series

A call in the middle of the night will be what changes the destiny of sun: after what Angelher husband and leader of a hallucinatory gang, died at the end of up to the sky, is a woman who is not willing to return under the guardianship of her father Rogelio, one of the biggest dealers in stolen objects in Madrid. She decided to find a life for herself, sun On his way, he will find new allies who will help him unravel the mystery of the deaths that have marked his destiny, while at the same time He resumes contact with the gang of hallucinators and manages to earn their trust to carry out, once again, robberies as ambitious as those of the past.

poster of Up to Heaven: The Netflix Series
This is the shocking poster of Hasta el cielo: The series

Cast of Up to Heaven: The Series

The cast of Up to Heaven: The Series combine familiar faces (repeat Asia Ortega as suneither Luis Tosar like the father of this one) with other faces that add to this ambitious story. In short, the cast is made up of Asia Ortega, Luis Tosar, Álvaro Rico, Patricia Vico, Carmen Sánchez, Alana La Hija del Sheikh, Fernando Cayo either Richard Holmesamong others. Miguel Herrán does not return as Ángel for more than obvious reasons.

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