Unified Command against forest fires has already been installed in Lara


The Unified Command for protection against forest fires is already in operation in the state of Lara (Barquisimeto), and it was activated to prevent and immediately attend to eventualities in the upcoming dry season in Venezuelan territory.

In this regard, G/D Rafael David Prieto Martínez, Commander of the Integral Defense Zone (Zodi) Lara, specified that 2,500 men and women of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) will participate in said command.

Unified command against forest fires

Said talent is currently forming part of the different citizen security organizations and national institutions with influence in environmental conservation, as well as volunteers.

The task will consist of protecting the areas that are affected in a possible case of forest fire.

The plan to be developed will have at its disposal the following logistic resources for an immediate reaction: 180 vehicles and 210 motorcycles.

The installation of the aforementioned command against forest fires occurred in the courtyards of the air base “Lieutenant Vicente Landaeta Gil (Balanda), located in Barquisimeto.

The Governor of Lara State, V/A Adolfo Pereira; G/B Elvis Durán Lobo, Commander of CZGNB-12; and among other military and civilian representatives, Luis Mujica, regional director of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration (Pcad) Lara.


The authorities informed that it will be through the use of the Ven-911 system, the development of the constant monitoring stage in the nine municipalities that make up the entity from Lara, so that citizens must report any incident in their localities.

It is noteworthy that the birth of the aforementioned instance is within the strategies proposed by the Ecosocialist General Staff to guarantee the protection of the environment.

“In coordination with all the entity’s security agencies, we will attend to any incident that occurs in our national parks or urban areas; the call is to the conscience of the population and to be aware of unscrupulously caused fires” stressed Pereira in an institutional note.

Avoid burning garbage

On the other hand, the mayor of the Iribarren (Barquisimeto) municipality, Luis Jonás Reyes, stated: “We make a conscious call to the population to avoid burning garbage or other types of waste, with Valle del Turbio being one of the most affected areas in recent days”.

Training meetings on fire prevention

In order to bring environmental education and the protection of the territories, including parks and squares, members of the Unified Forest Fire Command, recently installed in Lara, will soon begin training meetings with the spokespersons of the Community Councils.

They will promote action tools and strategies in the event of any incident that threatens the environment in their territories.

Surveillance in highway axes

Also in the Larense state, the Remote Surveillance and Patrol Unit was activated, with which it seeks to offer security on highway axes, through drones.

Commissioner Eukarys Godoy is responsible for such teams, which will allow caring for drivers injured on the roads.

The aerial patrol will take place in the road section that goes from the El Cardenalito park and the Manto de María, in the eastern part of the city of Barquisimeto in the Iribarren municipality; and a second team will be available in other areas of the town.

In this way, the police authorities strengthen the surveillance unit of the Lara State Police Autonomous Institute (Iacpel).


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