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A new promotional video for the third season of the project was revealed on the official site of the Anime adaptation of the game Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. The video confirms that the premiere is set for this year, maintaining the trend of changes in protagonists each season. On this occasion, satono diamond and Kitasan Black will assume the networks of this third season.

In another statement, it was also announced that the spin-off series Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – Road to the Top It was scheduled for April 16 through the official channel of the franchise on YouTube. This provable minisserie is produced by studios Cygames Pictures and it will be the focus TM Opera O, Admire Vega, Narita Top Road and others uma musume that clam beat the classic competitions.

The second season was broadcast no Japan during the winter season of 2021, while your distribution license is in the hands of the platform crunchyroll.


In a world very similar to ours, the great running horses of the past have had the opportunity to be reborn as “uma musume”, girls with ears and horse tail, but who also count on their speed and resistance. The best girls have the privilege of studying at the Tracen Academy in Tokyo, hoping to gain fame and fortune as runners and idols.

Special Week, a small-town college girl who just transferred to Tracen, is determined to keep her promise to her mother to become Japan’s best female horse.

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Uma Musume Pretty Derby It is a multi-media franchise raised by the Cygames. A smartphone game was planned to be released for devices iOS and Android In 2018, I was lost for now. The franchise later inspired a thirteen-episode Anime that premiered in April 2018.

Kei Oikawa directed to first season na PA Works. Akihiro Ishihara I am in charge of writing and supervising the routers, in collaboration with Pierre Sugiura. Yousuke Kabashima He was commissioned to design two characters. Yuuichi Morita I was responsible for the management of som.



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