Madrid-Barça, Mario against the Buyers, an exciting clash between two very passionate presidents

He hottest party of this day of kings league. DJ Mario and the Buyer Brothers They are one of the most heated presidents in the league, surely there will be a lot of shouting in this matchup. Ultimate Mostoles does not suffer much in this meeting, it is almost impossible for him to miss out on the playoffs while xBuyer Team needs to win so as not to fall behind the group that closes the playoff positions.

Definitely, win who wins and lose who loses, there will be a lot of emotion and sauce. Watch out for After Kings after the day that sparks will fly.

player 12

Ultimate Mostoles repeat with Sergio Garcia after the good results obtained in the previous games and the good performance of Sergio.

xBuyer Team He also repeats with a player who has given very good results: Fouad El Amrani.

Secret weapon

  • Ultimate Mostoles:
  • xBuyer Team:

Summary of the Ultimate Móstoles vs xBuyer Team

Ultimate Mostoles x -x xBuyer Team

First part:

  • Min 4: GOOOOOOOOOOOL. Ultimate Móstoles takes the lead with a great goal from Guti.
  • Min 9: the xBuyer Team is proving its might on the counteroffensive.

Second part:

Videos of the best goals of Ultimate Móstoles vs xBuyer Team

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