UK, EU agree on new trade rules in Northern Ireland hopes to solve problems after Brexit


British Prime Minister Richie Sunak and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen The major European Union (EU) body has agreed on new trade rules to be implemented in Northern Ireland. Hope to resolve issues and disputes Happening after Brexit

The new agreement is intended to resolve issues arising from the Northern Ireland Protocol. It is an addendum to the Brexit deal that then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the EU agreed to in 2019 to prevent any “deterioration”. Overly stringent import and export controls between Northern Ireland Which is part of the UK and Ireland, which is a member of the EU, with Northern Ireland still remaining in the EU’s single market, even after the UK has withdrawn from the EU, but there are many problems, such as steps strict inspection tax disputes, etc.

Sunak noted that the new trade agreement, known as the ‘Windsor Framework’, would contribute to the enhancement of the Northern Ireland Protocol. It will also create trade dynamics in the UK. as well as protecting areas of Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom and protecting Northern Ireland’s sovereignty as well.

While von der Leyen admitted that the relationship between the EU and the UK Much more tense after Brexit, so in order for their relationship to develop in a positive direction Therefore, it is necessary to negotiate. To find a solution to various disputes that arise, she suggested that Collaboration in the Ukraine Crisis Including listening to each other’s concerns carefully. will contribute to elevate the relationship even better

Sunak explained that Currently various products need to be inspected If such goods are imported into Northern Ireland from any other area of the United Kingdom before being transported to Ireland The new trade agreement will separate shipping routes into two colors: the Green Lane and the Red Lane.

Goods from the UK to Northern Ireland will be sent via transit. It is a ‘green channel’ which will be reviewed and documented in significantly fewer steps. Risky goods being shipped to Ireland and the rest of the EU must be transited. The ‘red lane’ and was reviewed normally.

The new agreement will also allow Northern Ireland to continue to protect its territory in the EU by allowing the UK government to determine the VAT rate in Northern Ireland. This is different from the current system where the EU sets the tax rate. Causing the UK government to enact various policies in Northern Ireland Reflecting that Northern Ireland is still under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

Sunak also revealed details of a new ‘Stormont Brake’ mechanism that allows the Northern Irish government to pull the emergency brake. to prevent the enforcement of EU laws and regulations in such territories; If Northern Ireland pulls up the brakes The UK government has the right to veto against its enforcement. which many parties consider This mechanism could lead to future disputes between Northern Ireland and the UK. If Northern Ireland decides to pull the emergency brake but the UK government Decided not to file a veto. It will cause even more conflicts in the future.

Image: Dan Kitwood/Pool/AFP



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