Tuesday weather: cold vortex protagonist, with rain and wind. That’s where


Italy weather forecast

SITUATION. The arrival of the Arctic currents on our basin has stimulated the formation of a deep low pressure vortex, a real Mediterranean cyclone, which has planted its roots between the Balearic Islands and Sardinia. In that sector the halfway point takes place between the cold air arriving from the northeast and the milder currents drawn from the southwest. So that Italy remains cut in two, so to speak, with a central-northern sector in markedly wintery conditions where the snow manages to fall down to very low altitudes and a southern sector where the rains prevail in a climatic context more similar to autumn .

WEATHER TUESDAY FEBRUARY 28. North: Cloudy over Emilia-Romagna, lower Piedmont and Liguria with residual snowfall up to the valley floor on the Cuneo area. Wide clearings on the Triveneto. Temperatures increasing, maximum between 7 and 9. Centre: Cloudy with rain and showers, intensifying in the evening, between lower Tuscany, Lazio and Abruzzo; snow above 700m. Temperatures increasing, maximum between 9 and 13. South: Very cloudy with scattered rain and showers, especially in the evening. Rooms cleared up on the Ionian side. Stationary temperatures, maximum between 12 and 16.

Lazio weather evolution

TUESDAY’: a depressionary circulation deepens over the Region causing many clouds since the morning with rains arriving in the afternoon and intensifying in the evening. Specifically on the northern coasts and northern plains Very cloudy or overcast skies throughout the day, with rainfall from the afternoon intensifying in the evening, even with thunderstorms; on the southern coasts, the capital and the southern plains progressively increasing clouds with light rains from the afternoon, intensifying in the evening with showers also of a thunderstorm nature; over the sub-Apennines and the Apennines scattered clouds alternating with clearings with a tendency to gradually increase in cloudiness up to overcast skies with rain and showers, including thunderstorms in the evening. Weak winds from the north-eastern quadrants in attenuation and rotation to the south-eastern quadrants; Thermal zero around 1550 meters. Rough to very rough sea.

Comment from the Middle Tyrrhenian forecaster
days characterized by unstable and disturbed weather conditions in the sector, thanks to the persistence of cyclonic circulation on the Tyrrhenian Sea, at least until Thursday 2 March. Irregular and often compact cloudiness, with intermittent rains and showers in particular in Lazio; greater variability with predominantly dry weather between Tuscany and Umbria, although there will also be no widespread rainfall here on Wednesday. Cool climate, with maximum temperatures contained within 10-15°C. Moderate-thesis winds from the Northeast. Very probable for now a stable weekend, between sun and scattered clouds.

(Source: 3B Weather)
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