TSJ deploys magistrates to deepen judicial revolution


The president of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), Gladys Gutiérrez, announced a new deployment of the commission for the Judicial Revolution, during which magistrates and other authorities will visit and supervise all the criminal judicial circuits to “try to maximize the levels of speed and efficiency in the courts.

Gutiérrez assured that “advances continue in the execution of the axes of the strategic plan, as well as in the call that has been made from the Head of State to continue with an authentic judicial revolution, which improves the timely responses to expectations (…) of the people on the justice system.

The country’s criminal judges were encouraged to become involved as protagonists in these sessions, the success of which is expected to be invested with the necessary legal knowledge, and also with the clarity of direction in the execution of the public policy inclined in this regard unrestricted of constitutionality, legality, due process and effective judicial protection.

The presiding magistrate announced the deployment at the national level in all the Criminal Judicial Circuits, which will be supervised through visits made by the magistrates, “to try to maximize the levels of speed and efficiency with observance of values ​​such as ethics, honesty and probity in all criminal courts”, highlights the press release of the highest court.

Last January, President Nicolás Maduro called on the TSJ to deepen the judicial revolution, a plan that was developed to respond to the country’s justice system.


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