Trinity Trigger will arrive in physical format for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch


Marvelous Europe today announced that developer FuRyu’s cooperative action-RPG, Trinity Trigger, will be released in physical format for nintendoswitch and playstation 5 throughout Spain the May 16, 2023. Reservations are now available in stores in our territory.

Trinity Trigger features a star-studded group of RPG developers, including world-building artist Yuki Nobuteru (Trials of Mana), character designer Raita Kazama (Xenoblade), scenario writer Yura Kubota (OCTOPATH TRAVELER ) and composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana).

Trinity Trigger is an all-new action RPG that combines the look and feel of iconic ’90s RPGs with an emphasis on fast-paced, customizable combat. Players take control of three young heroes trying to defy fate and save Trinitia. They are accompanied by Triggers, strange creatures with the unique ability to transform into eight types of weapons that players must master if they are to succeed in their mission. Play alone or with two friends in local co-op, explore various biomes and dungeons, strategize to exploit your enemies’ weaknesses, and change your destiny.


  • Master the weapons of the gods. Solve puzzles and defeat enemies alone or with friends in local co-op as you navigate the dungeons of each Weapon, towers made of the gods’ ruined weapons of war.
  • Unravel the mysteries of Trinitia. Reveal secret passages by exploring every nook and cranny of Trinitia’s various biomes. He talks to the locals for clues and discovers the heavily guarded secrets that hold these forests, deserts, snowy fields, and much more.
  • Set the pace of the battle. Cunningly take advantage of weapon rotation in combat to switch between eight weapon types on the fly. Each enemy has a particular weakness. Find it and use it to your advantage to achieve victory.
  • An epic RPG based on the classics. Trinity Trigger takes inspiration from iconic RPGs from decades ago, while incorporating accessible and rewarding mechanics with modern twists to deliver an exciting new adventure suitable for players of all ages.

Trinity Trigger It is now available to book in physical format for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Your date of launch will be the May 16 of 2023.


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