Train crash in Greece kills 32, injures 85


Two trains collided in Greece overnight on February 28, killing at least 32 people and injuring 85 others.


Officials revealed that Intercity passenger trains arriving from Athens Head to the northern city of Thessaloniki. It crashed into a freight train outside the central Greek city of Larissa. while running at high speed for both of them Resulting in a fire in several carriages. Including injuries from burns as well. Local media reported that about 350 people were on board the train.


Sturgeos Minenis, a 28-year-old passenger who jumped from the wreckage of the train. “We heard a loud explosion, it was 10 seconds like a nightmare. The train overturned and we fell on our side to the ground. After that, people panicked. The wires have sparks on them. and the fire burned everywhere.”


The governor of Thessaly region, Konstantinos Agorastos, told SKAI TV that the first four carriages of the train had come off the tracks. While the first two passenger cars, which were also burned, were completely destroyed. After the two trains collided with each other in the same track while running at high speed. without the driver noticing that another train is heading


About 250 passengers were safely transported by bus to Thessaloniki. A passenger told ERT television he was able to escape after smashing his suitcase into the window of the train, opening a slit to escape. The situation on the train was very scary. People screamed in panic.


Foreign media pictures showed the heavily damaged carriages. Shattered windows There was a dense cloud of smoke. and there were pieces of debris from the train strewn across the streets. While rescuers rushed to help passengers trapped inside to help the injured and survivors. Including recovering the bodies of those who died from an accident that no one wanted to happen this time.




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