Town woman to the street!


A few years ago, when I was just a girl, I read the story of Ariadne, the mythological character who, in love with the Greek hero Theseus, helps him defeat the minotaur who had the city of Crete besieged and who was dedicated to kidnapping, raping and killing women. women of the region. The expression Ariadna’s thread was born from this story to refer to a series of observations, arguments or deductions that, once related, very easily lead us to the solution of a problem that seemed to have no way out.

I really like this story, it must be basically because I like to find a solution to things that seem impossible, but hasn’t this always been the invisible task of women?

Lately I have found myself debating -even with myself- about the role we have assumed in history and that today we have decided to deconstruct to lay the foundations for a new time.

We women set ourselves a challenge: End the paradigm that stagnates us in historically feminine roles. Several years have passed since we set out on a scenario that grew until it became indestructible. We began by demanding our intellectual, electoral, and sexual participation, and the definitive and defining closure of the historical privileges granted to men.

The reason? It is worth it and more than worth it, it is worth the joy to investigate the legacy that history contains, decipher the binomial of dichotomy and open a gap that brings us closer than distances us. To this I want to summon today, to go to the streets that make up our psyche and set up a new time for the meeting.

At some point, the New Zealand writer Katherine Mandsfield in her diary pointed out that women somehow wrote “to gather strength and make room for everything we are capable of”, is what brings us here today to give you the input – not only from the symbolic, but from the reasonable to the month in which, thanks to Clara Zetkin, we pay tribute to the women who fell in the 1908 strike and who today are represented by all the driving forces of women in Venezuela and in the world .

It is time to understand ourselves as a unique and powerful territory that is capable of hosting a revolution that involves all of us.

These territories today are launched to act connected to the present, collectively drawing tomorrow for our bodies as a geographical extension of the Homeland / Motherland.

It is time to weave our own thread, to be our own Theseus and our own Ariadnes, defeat the minotaur, figure out the way out of the impossible and open the doors of this story that summons us.

Welcome to March, working women, men who want to make history!

Only together and together we will win!

The entrance Pueblo mujer to the street! was first published in Latest News.


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