Until dawn this Sunday, February 26, the bachelor party of the singer Guaynaa was held, in which friends and celebrities were present who did not stop sharing the most special moments of the rumba on their social networks.

The organizer was Ricky Montaner, who asked his followers on Instagram to pray for the boyfriend, who had a party full of cocktails, laughter, and many XXX figures. “Here is one of those in charge of firing my brother @guaynaa from being single!! Pray for him #Mamarreeee”, was the message left by Ricardo Montaner’s son in a story on the social network instagram.

Among the guests was also the Cuban-American singer Jencarlos Canela, who also expressed his love for Guayna in a story.

Another who joined the bachelor party was the surgeon Jarrett Schanzer, top 100 of the best cosmetic surgeons in the United States. The doctor enjoyed the meeting, as could be seen on the camera’s social network, where a photo circulates where he is seen with a plastic figure of a naked female torso in his arms and a smile on his face.

And the reaction of the bride?

As is tradition, the bride does not go to the groom’s last bachelor party and vice versa, as it is an opportunity to share with friends and family before dedicating herself to life as a married person.

Although it runs in the collective imagination that couples can “quaimatize”, in reality Lele Pons drank it with soda and even invited her partner to have a great time.

“Enjoy baby!!!!!” It was the message that the young Venezuelan sent to her future husband through the camera’s social network. The message came with a snapshot of Guaynaa in boxers and without a shirt; yes, boasting a band that says: “Future boyfriend.”

The wedding in details

The Dominican Natti Natasha, the Colombian Sebastián Yatra, the Venezuelans Mau & Ricky, the Americans Becky G and Prince Royce are some of the guests at the link between the Puerto Rican and the Creole.

Names such as Chayanne, a singer who is the uncle of Lele Pons, while his daughter Isadora is one of the godmothers of the marriage also stand out on the list.

As bridesmaids will be Paris Hilton, Anitta, Kimberly Loaiza, Hanna Stocking, Nicole García, Isabel Grutman and the aforementioned Isadora, her cousin.

According to a report by Últimas Noticias, more than 300 people are expected to accompany the happy couple. One of the first confirmed is the influencer Juanpa Zurita, the best friend of the Guaynaa interpreter.

On the other hand, the future lady of Santiago (the singer’s real name is Jean Carlos Santiago Pérez) boasted of the dresses that the women who will accompany her to the altar will wear.

“Showing my bridesmaids their dresses… The dresses are from @Pninatornai and @kleinfeldbridal. They are beautiful!” Pons wrote in the video where he can be seen happily showing off the suits made with aquamarine satin fabric.

As highlighted by the publication that he uploaded to his Instagram account, the wardrobe is the work of fashion designer Pnina Tornai, who designed a different model for each of the ladies: Paris Hilton, Hannah Stocking, Anitta, Nicole García, Isabella Grutman, Isadora Figueroa, Adriana Vivas, and Kimberly Loaiza.


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