Attention: This article contains spoilers of what happened in the seventh chapter of The Last of Us. Don’t read on if you haven’t seen it (or watch the trailer).

After the emotional journey that we have experienced with chapter 7 of The Last of Us, we are stunned with a heart attack ending: after remembering everything she has experienced with Riley, Ellie manages to close Joel’s wound as best she can. What awaits you from now on in this final stretch of the first season? Will Ellie’s new father figure survive? Will they reach the new location of the Fireflies?

The Last of Us Chapter 8 trailer

The trailer for chapter 8 of The Last of Us is very direct: Ellie is lonelier than ever while Joel recovers (or while joel tries to survive the injury). In this way, she will meet new people who try to persuade her of the need for them to unite: “you won’t survive long out there“, they tell him. The surprising thing is that the little we see joel, is on the floor of the cabin in a feverish state. Has the wound become infected?

When does episode 8 of The Last of Us premiere on HBO Max Spain?

You won’t have to wait many days to see the new chapter of The Last of Us: will be available in HBO Max Spain the next Monday, March 5, 2023 from 03:00 in the morning. It is a simultaneous premiere with the United States, hence the schedule.

chapter 8 of the last of us
A new group of characters will tempt Ellie in chapter 8 of The Last of Us

And remember, the eighth chapter is the penultimate: the first season will have 9 episodes, so there is less and less left for the outcome. Are you prepared to suffer like never before?

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