We are approaching the finals of the Camp Nou and each time the lower zone of the table is tighter

Matchday 8 of the Kings League has left us a very anecdotal Sunday. Saiyans and Porcinos, the leading team, have lost their matches. Jijantes has certified staying out of the play-offs after a new defeat and 1K FC is now out of the Camp Nou finals after being defeated again and the victory of PIO FC.


This is the Kings League classification after matchday 8

  • Annihilators FC 4-2 Jijantes FC
  • The Neighborhood 4-2 Ray of Barcelona
  • Ultimate Mostoles 2-1 xBuyer Team
  • Saiyans FC 1-3 Kunisports
  • 1K FC 4-5 Los Troncos FC
  • PIO FC 0-0 Porcinos FC (3-1 on penalties)


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