gta vi unreal engine 5

do you think GTA VI Is it the most anticipated video game in all of history? Let’s see, it could be after having become one of the most successful titles to date along with Minecraft, and certainly I do look forward to it with infinite desire. Of course, I hope they have exceeded the bar so high that he left Grand Theft Auto V.

The positive part is that a couple of years ago All that was said about this game was suppositions, since it was not even confirmed by Rockstar. After so much insistence from the players, the company announced that they were working on a new installment, without revealing details or images.

This would be the main theme song of GTA VI… and it would have been playing in GTA Online for years

But well, you know that they did not need to reveal anything, since, unfortunately, Internal videos with gameplay of the game were leaked in the middle of its development, something that was extremely mediatic for obvious reasons. Come on, they are videos that practically all of us have seen.

GTA VI on Unreal Engine 5

So the boys Teaser Play who are used to making trailers for supposed remakes or sequels that do not exist today through their talent with engine management as Unreal Engine 5, they wanted to do a video of GTA VI with Unreal Engine 5 but based on the leaked videos of GTA VI. I could stop to explain what you see in the video, but this is worth a thousand words, so it goes below:

What do you think? stand out above all at lighting level. Of course, it is weak in other things that need a lot of development time and by teams of many developers such as the physical either the design of the world Even so, the video is a real spectacle in terms of graphics, so I recommend that you take a look at it. Now I’m curious: What will GTA VI look like when it’s released? I hope it surpasses Red Dead Redemption 2!


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