The platform hits a big slowdown when it comes to nurturing its catalog of Japanese series

Since the year 2023 officially started, I have maintained a very clear position on Netflix and its relationship with the Anime world. This platform was doing a fantastic job of nourishing its catalog with as varied as good Japanese animation series, and in January and February we witnessed all of this. So what can we expect for March?

Well, I don’t know if it will be related to the issue of rising prices and the controversy with shared accounts, but the truth is that Netflix is ​​going to choose to take a break when it comes to its Anime section. The streaming service is hardly going to add new licenses, and in fact we can only find two “news”which I detail below.

Isekai Ojisan (final episode)

isekai ojisan

Isekai Oji-san It is one of the Japanese animation series that has suffered the most from the impact of COVID-19 in its production. this series began airing in July 2022 and the 13 chapters that were planned have not yet been released. The work did not stop adding delays here and there, and finally it seems that this soap opera is going to come to an end.


Takafumi’s uncle is a middle-aged man who has been in a coma for 17 years. When he suddenly wakes up, he speaks in an unknown language and has magical powers.


Kimi ni Todoke (live-action)

live action

As you can see, this production is not even a Persian Anime, but it is a live-action of the animated adaptation of Kimi no Todoke. The original series premiered in 2009 by the Production IG studio and triumphed among fans of the genre of romantic dramas. For this reason, this live-action is coming to us so promising that it was worth mentioning in the article.


Due to her gloomy appearance, Sawako fails to fit in. But when an outgoing classmate starts talking to her, her life changes completely.


And here comes the review of Netflix’s Anime news for this month of March. As you can see, the platform has passed olympically from including new licenses to increase your catalog of series and movies, spoiling the great start of the year that had been marked.

Yes, we should not discount the fact that the Edens Zero Season 2 I ended up coming out here, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a pretty sad month for subscribers to this service. What do you think of all this?


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