In order to guarantee children and adolescents the right to education, the governor of Sucre state, Gilberto Pinto, announced during his program “Loyalty is love for Sucre” the creation of educational brigades to comply with the calendar of activities academics in the entity.

During his speech, the regional president instructed the Secretary General of the Government, Jonny Patiño, to start a census of all the professional personnel who work in the region as soon as possible.

He explained that the census will allow them to obtain an inventory of trained professionals, who will integrate the education brigades to impart knowledge and academic activities in the classrooms of the different schools of the Sucre geography.

“We are going to develop a method for the selection and evaluation of professionals with high training capacities that guarantee the pedagogical development of our children,” said Pinto.

Governor Pinto explained that the brigades will be made up of engineers, administrators, accountants, among other professionals from the eastern state.

The highest authority of the territory, reiterated that the new measure has as its fundamental objective to guarantee the pedagogical training of the student population, who live in diversified primary and secondary schools.

He stressed that in the absence of teachers in the classroom, the “responsible” government of the state must guarantee the right to education of the seedbed of the homeland, who will be the future of the nation. For this reason, they are committed to strengthening the academic and professional training of those who will be in charge of running the country.

He assured that the interruption of academic activities by teachers is a violation of the protection of children and adolescents.

“By not allowing the student population to receive their classes in a timely manner, it becomes an act that hinders the academic development of our children and young people. We cannot allow students to miss their school year. We have a school calendar to which we have to give feasibility and compliance,” said the regional president.

He stressed that the Bolivarian Government joins efforts to guarantee the social well-being of the teachers’ union, who have kept school activities paralyzed since last January, as a claim measure to demand salary improvements.

He added that the constant imperial blockades have harmed the country’s economy, affecting the financial stability of Venezuelan families.

“Here we are all affected, because due to the coercive and unilateral measures that have caused this criminal economic war, no Venezuelan has been allowed to reach their salary. However, our president has guaranteed the welfare state of the general population with the delivery of protective bonds through the homeland system, to counteract the more than 900 sanctions that imperial countries have promoted against our nation, causing suffocation, anguish and pain. families,” Pinto said.

He assured that the Bolivarian Revolution has maintained as one of the first lines of action to strengthen the stability and economic protection of Venezuelan families. Reason for which, he insisted that the Bolivarian Government has not refused to increase the salary of the teachers’ union.

“Rest assured that neither the Minister of Popular Power for Education, nor President Nicolás Maduro, is going to take away the importance and preeminence that guaranteeing a fair salary for our teachers means. There are 22 years where the first line of action, work and government has been the salary increase, but we are at war and we have to guarantee food and health to the people, “she pointed out.


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