They intensify security in the Colombian-Venezuelan border axis


The governor of the state of Táchira, Freddy Bernal, reported that in the search to consolidate “peace and tranquility” of the communities that reside in the border municipalities of Bolívar (San Antonio del Táchira) and Pedro María Ureña, a night patrol plan was devised by the Directorate of Strategic and Tactical Actions (DAET), which will aim to travel in the most vulnerable urban areas.

He stressed that these actions, which are intensified at night in the border axes, have kept the Colombian paramilitary forces surrounded, thus generating a better environment of protection in the municipalities of Tachira.

Security in Colombian-Venezuelan border axes

“The Directorate of Strategic and Tactical Actions (DAET) prevents armed and violent groups from Colombia from disturbing the peace of merchants, industrialists, and good people from San Antonio and Ureña,” he clarified.

He stressed that the work of the security forces that operate on the border intensified since the total opening on January 1, and is made up of the Strategic Intelligence Division (DIE), the Criminal Investigation Division (DIP), the Division Against Drugs (DCD), the Unit Against Terrorism and Subversion (UCTS) and the Cross-Border Crime Unit (UDT).

“We want Colombians to visit us, to share and touch what the love, solidarity and courtesy of the Tachirense family are. We are people of work, of peace, of love, of faith and, fundamentally, of prosperity,” she pointed out,

Road cleared on Simón Bolívar international bridge

With the purpose of implementing a pilot plan to reactivate the bridges that connect Venezuela with Colombia on the border axis, work to clear the roads began in recent days.

Work began on the Simón Bolívar international bridge that joins the Francisco de Paula Santander International Bridge in Colombia, and the so-called passage tunnels that hindered traffic were removed.

The 22-meter-long structures were installed by the International Organization for Migrants (IOM) in August 2022, in order to assist those who were preparing to leave the country with advice and help.

The full deployment of the regular passage plan for all the bridges is increasing day by day. The work carried out by the Venezuelan government glimpses the preparation that is being applied for the reconstruction, in all its areas, of the border axis.

The schedules established for the vehicular and pedestrian passage through the bridge located in the Bolívar municipality (San Antonio del Táchira) start at 6 in the morning until 9 at night.

Among the road restrictions provided by both nations is the obligation to keep the roads open, so taxis, motorcycle taxis and any vehicle that offers a service for the transfer of people and merchandise are prohibited from parking on the sides of the infrastructure.


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