With the objective of organizing, forming and registering the Feminist Councils, this Saturday three purple points were activated in the Bolívar Squares of the Valera and Trujillo capital municipalities, as well as in the Plaza Shopping Center in the city of Valera.

In this regard, Gheysa Martínez, liaison for the Ministry of Popular Power for Women and Gender Equality in Trujillo state, indicated that this registry seeks to organize women from various levels and spaces.

“We are deployed at the national level registering the Feminist Councils following the instructions of President Nicolás Maduro and under the guidance of Minister Diva Guzmán. We want to form the Feminist Councils because women have to be organized at different levels and in different spaces, ”she pointed out.

Martínez stated that women can organize from the territorial and sectoral, in the study centers, work, in the communities and communes.

Goal to meet

For her part, the regional director of the Ministry for Women, Rafina Montilla, indicated that the goal for the state of Trujillo is 17,000 Feminist Councils and at the national level it is 25,000.

“We are registering different Feminist Councils in the Plaza Bolívar of the capital Trujillo municipality, in the Plaza Bolívar de Valera and in the Plaza de Valera Shopping Center where our women entrepreneurs, producers are making the call. Let’s remember that the Trujillo state has a goal of 17,000 and at the country level of 25,000 Feminist Councils,” she asserted.

Montilla urged the Trujillo women to organize from their street, in their community, in their workplace, whether public or private.

11 Feminist Councils registered in Trujillo capital

Meanwhile, the Trujillo Municipal Autonomous Institute for Womenry the Gender Equality “Amparo Briceño Perozo” (Imtrumujer) activated this Saturday a purple point in the Bolívar square of the Trujillo municipality.

From there, the first municipal combatant and president of Imtrumujer, Ana Valera de Terán, pointed out that more than 100 local women were attended and around 11 Feminist Councils were registered.

“In compliance with the guidelines of President Nicolás Maduro, Minister Diva Guzmán, Governor Gerardo Márquez and Mayor Carlos Terán, we have installed this purple point where we have registered 11 Feminist Councils. We call on the women of Trujillo to join this national initiative, to organize, form and register their Feminist Council in the situational room of the mayor’s office », she pointed out.

The authorities highlighted that for the Bolivarian revolution women have a fundamental role in the country, from the community, in each sector and with the registration of the Feminist Councils, they are organized as a group with rights and duties, for the full and happy development of women in society.

Feminist Councils of Working Women

Recently, in the auditorium of the National Institute for Training and Socialist Education (Inces) in the city of Valera, the installation of the sectorial Feminist Councils of working women was carried out, as part of the process that has been carried out throughout the country.

The president of the Trujillo State Women’s Institute (Imet) María Avendaño, stressed that these councils are being formed in various sectors of the entity

“Within the framework of the international month of women, we are promoting the formation of feminist councils as a new form of organization for women, also to respond in the territory to our women. We invite the women of Trujillo to register in the Feminist Councils ”, she pointed out.


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