The Sixth Constitutional Court of Lima, in Peru, rejected a new habeas corpus that sought to reverse the preventive detention that weighs against the deposed president Pedro Castillo and replace him in the Presidency.

Judge Gisela Haydee Ocaña Chalco, in charge of the Court, declared the measure inadmissible, which also sought to favor Aníbal Torres, former president of the Council of Ministers during Castillo’s administration, reported Actualidad RT.

The habeas corpus, which was presented by the National Federation of Lawyers of Peru, maintains that in order to be arrested and tried, the immunity that weighed on the former president had to be lifted, a procedure that would not have been carried out and, therefore, Castillo would continue to be the president. .

For the Office of the Judiciary, the preventive detention measure is “founded”, because it was determined “the existence of strong suspicion as an alleged co-perpetrator of the crime of rebellion and conspiracy against the powers of the State and the constitutional order.”

Regarding the non-removal of immunity, the Office of the Judiciary indicates that this action applies “in the case of clandestine, not flagrant crimes.”

Peru has been going through a political and social crisis since last December, after Castillo’s dismissal and subsequent arrest.

Since that date, there have been massive demonstrations throughout the country, which have been repressed by the security forces of the president appointed by Congress, Dina Boluarte, who is being investigated for the murder of more than 60 protesters.


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