They carry out works on the highway axis between Lara and Yaracuy


The Lara State Highway Institute (Invilara) is carrying out work on the road axis that connects this entity with its neighbor Yaracuy (San Felipe).

It is the Duaca road belonging to the Crespo y Aroa municipality (San Felipe) covering the Campo Solo sector, north of Lara state.

As specified by Oswaldo Corrales, secretary of public works of the Lara Governorate, the investment is contemplated in the 2023 Annual Operating Plan whose amount reaches 2,900,000 digital bolivars.

“President Nicolás Maduro has among his priorities the improvement of roads and in Lara our governor Adolfo Pereira has instructed us to consolidate this work that last year the first two phases were carried out,” added the official.

Execution of works on the road axis in stages

For his part, Wilfredo Torres, president of Invilara, assured that in this third stage of the work, work is being done on the removal of the base, conditioning of the support surface and construction of gabions.

They are complying with all the protocols with the objective of repairing the affected sewers to restore the roadway of the worked area.

Torres recalled that since July 2022, and for more than 5 months, the first two stages were executed, whose investment amounts were located at 401,070.00 and 502,147.00 digital bolivars, respectively.

In the first two stages, we proceeded to channel the ravine and, among other civil works, to compact the fill with machinery, in addition, in the Caraquita sector, a variant of the highway was built.

agricultural roads

While the mayor of Crespo, Julio Garcés highlighted the support that the jurisdiction has received from the national and state government to definitively solve the road connectivity affected by the heavy rains that fell in the middle of last year.

He estimated that the improvement of agricultural roads, which he said has been optimized for the good of agricultural tasks and producers in the area.

Torres Municipality

In the Pedro León Torres municipality (Carora), the aforementioned institute also recently completed the rectification of 7,700 meters of rural roads to benefit nearly 500 families and livestock producers from the Montaña Verde parish.

This area is characterized by the production and distribution of meat, cheese, milk, whey and other derivatives that add to the strengthening of the country’s food sovereignty.

The work was carried out in sections, the first covered 3,600 meters of highway included in the Morroco – Matejey axis and was executed with resources from the Constitutional Situation for an amount of 121,220.00 digital bolivars.

Then, responding to the requests of the most distant communities, work was done on 4,200 meters of roads from Matejey to El Delirio, through the self-management modality.

The aforementioned road had succumbed to the high degree of weeds, undermining and deterioration of the ditches, and in just ten days it was intervened with the conformation and conditioning of the road, recovering its use by Invilara.


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