Due to a wrong diagnosis of cancer in a lady from Terni legs and arms were amputated. Anna Leonori had it immediately the help of the multiple Paralympic fencing champion Bebe Vio, which uses new generation prostheses. The Azzurra moved immediately, advising the woman which prostheses to use.

The protagonist of the story he brought the Santa Maria hospital, the Regina Elena hospital in Rome and the Ausl Romagna to court. In one of his interviews at The Messenger, Leonori says: “The very expensive prostheses purchased thanks to the fundraising of voluntary associations and private individuals have changed my life”. And she continues: “I am well aware that I will never have autonomy again but they have given me back a minimum of dignity in everyday life. Everyday life is made up of many things, some I will never be able to do alone again, others thanks to the prostheses I can”.

The latter deteriorate and must be guaranteed for two years. Anna’s story begins in 2014, when the diagnosis of an invasive malignant tumor arrives. Her uterus, ovaries, 40 lymph nodes and bladder are removed in Rome, and replaced with an orthotopic one. The histological examination will then show that it was not a tumor. Over the next 4 years Leonori accuses infections, fever, pain and then hospitalizations. On October 7, 2017, she was hospitalized for acute generalized peritonitis caused by bladder perforation. She remains in a coma for a month and a half and is transferred to Cesena, where they amputate her leg and arms.

He says again to Il Messaggero: “The need to have compensation for what I suffered is not a whim. I live every day with the worry that a piece might break, which would force me back into a wheelchair.”


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