The boom in Korean series on Netflix is ​​not limited to fiction. Reality shows have also made their way onto the famous American streaming platform, as evidenced by the dominance of “Physical Ability: 100” in recent weeks.

The production, which doubles the number of viewing hours of the closest series on the list, features tough competitions with the goal of reaching a single winner.

But in addition to this show, two romantic comedies and two period stories round out Netflix’s Top 10 this week for international series (in languages ​​other than English).

Photo: courtesy Netflix

1-“Physical ability: 100”

With 45,420,000 viewing hours, the production has established itself as Netflix’s new Korean phenomenon. The show presents a hundred men and women in a competition in which they have to overcome all kinds of challenges and physical tests: from hanging several meters high to fighting for control of a ball.

The last one who manages to come out physically and mentally unscathed in the tests, will take 300 million won (about 230 thousand dollars), plus the title of the best body in the world.

Among the contestants this season are old acquaintances from other shows, Olympic champions, bodybuilders and even internet personalities.

The space follows the line of “The Squid Game” in terms of its challenges, without the bloody part, of course.

2- «Battle of love»

It is one of the romantic comedies that stands out this week. Although it is not a story that breaks ground in the genre, it manages to capture the viewer’s attention for the way it develops.

“For an entertainment lawyer who hates losing to men, and an actor who is wary of women, love is war. But there is only one step from hate to love”, marks the synopsis of the fiction, whose protagonists are Kim Ok-bin and Teo Yoo.

Throughout 10 chapters, with humor, disagreements and conflicts, the couple will see how their preconceptions about love collapse. The production also stands out for the performance of its stars and for the great rhythm of its story.

3- «The law of Lidia Poët»

This vintage Italian series is inspired by a real character, although it is not a biography, because it takes several licenses to show the life of Lidia Poët, the first Italian lawyer and one of the pioneers of the feminist emancipation movement.

The plot begins when Poët was banned from practicing law, while preparing his appeal to overturn the court’s decision, and began collaborating with his brother to solve complicated cases.

Noted actress Matilda De Angelis (“Leonardo”, “The Undoing”, «The incredible story of the island of roses«) is in charge of giving life to Lidia Poët, offering a convincing performance full of charm and the viscerality that, they say, characterized the character.

The production is structured in six chapters that follow the same line: in the first scene there is a murder in which there is a main suspect to whom all the evidence points. There Lidia comes into action, who allows herself to doubt the guilt of the detainee and decides to represent him to prove her innocence.

4- «Intensive course of love»

It is one of the most successful k-dramas on Netflix today. In fact, it already accumulates 21,520,000 hours of views on the platform.

A mother with a heart of gold enters the fierce world of private education when her daughter tries to get into the class of a famous math teacher,” Netflix highlights in the synopsis of the story, which has been highlighted by the specialized press. as emotional, fun and balanced.

The fiction also stands out for the solidity of its leading couple: Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho. The first, played by Nam Haeng-seon, is a South Korean actress who enjoys great recognition inside and outside her country. In fact, in 2007 she was highlighted as Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival that year for “Secret Sunshine.” For his part, Jung Kyung-ho, who personifies Choi Chi-yeol, has stood out in his country as an actor and as a singer. There are eight episodes.

5- “Mr. Queen”

It is one of the productions that has given the most talk, both for its successful comedy and history, and for the fact that it has been censored in South Korea.

The story centers on Jang Bong Hwan, a chef at the Blue House (sort of like the White House!). His life is turned upside down after an accident leaves him trapped inside the body of Kim So Yong, a queen during the Joseon period. With no idea how to turn the situation around, he ends up trying to make the most of it. This is how he discovers the shady things that happen within that kingdom.

Presented in 20 episodes, with Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun as protagonists, the narrative of the fiction received criticism that threatened to stop its dissemination. In fact, there were users who accused the production of disrespecting Korean history, which caused several streaming platforms in the Asian country to leave it out for several months.


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